Monday, November 27, 2006

Ah, The Holidays...This year, I'm going to try to actually do what we all talk about doing, every year. Go simple.
The past several years the emphasis has been on more and more volunteerism, which I've been fortunate to get to do, in a variety of fun ways--giving poetry workshops to children;
donating clothing and food to the poor;purchasing and delivering gifts for the folks who are REAL VOLUNTEERS--those who work with the homeless--in shelters--ALL YEAR LONG!!
Go simple means paring down.It may mean cleaning out my one yuck-y closet(okay, there are two, actually) which probably hold several items that I can give away.It means living (and breathing) easier....
It means NOT buying the big, impressive stuff.It means shopping for those who can't.

And spending time doing "little" things--like making old-fashioned hot cocoa.I made some late last night--and it was pure joy! Who knew a few marshmallows(yes, you can get VEGAN ones!)in a cup of dark chocolate(Ghiradelli's, of course!)could create such bliss?

I'm thinking we'll(my honey--Hansoo, and I)wait until Christmas Eve this year, to get a tree.It'll make it that much more special(The tree'll be cheaper, too!Which means more $$ to spend on someone who needs something...)
And hey, Thanksgiving may be over, but I'm still giving thanks. For those volunteers who help the homeless, every single day, of every year.And for old-fashioned hot cocoa, too...

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