Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hey kids!Check out The Pedestal online, right now....
The Pedestal has the finest Contemporary Lit online--or anywhere!
And guess what??I learned, just before Christmas, that a chapbook in which I am honored to be included, was reviewed at The Pedestal...Not only reviewed, but the Editor of "Outside The Green Zone", C. Cleo Creech was given much-deserved kudos for his assemblage of work, and the "title" poem; Collin Kelley's "Fatwa" was given the attention it has long deserved, and my own short poem, "Iraqi Haiku" was mentioned, too!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Holidays...I'll be posting a new entry very shortly-- perhaps later tonight-- as I respond to being "tagged" by poet Collin Kelley for a Meme...
More later!

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