Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It's Feburary 7th, 2007, and in just a few days, I'll become part of an institution I thought I'd NEVER enter. In fact, I thought I was too "unconventional", too much of a "renegade" or too "bi" or too-something, to actually become a part of this "club", of which millions are members.In fact, our present society would be vastly different(and Lord knows, a lot of society NEEDS to be different!), but I am taking a step in just a few days which I believe will underscore some of the changes already happening in my life.
Years ago, I met, became infatuated with, and then played at being-in-love-with, a wonderfully sexy, warm, kind, incredibly intelligent man, named Hansoo. There were myriad reasons why I thought we could never wind up together--a dramatic age difference(me, much older); race/culture difference(he's Korean--race makes no difference to me, but Korean Culture is generally very conservative), and fundamentally different ways of "seeing" the world(I see castles in clouds, he sees whether it will rain; he loves Letterman, I love Leno;he plans carefully, I'm impulsive.)
But we DO work. His earthiness "grounds" me, and I hope my "floatiness" raises his spirits a bit.
For all these over-eleven-years-now, I've loved him. And he's loved me.Neither of us is perfect, or even close...
I think a person can fall-in-love with a number of folks, in a lifetime. But very few people get to fall-in-love, and CREATE A LIFE TOGETHER--make a home, raise companion animals, find a way to worship together, and celebrate--after over a decade together--each others' bodies--and minds...
What's that institution I'll be entering, come Saturday? Marriage.
I'm a Bride, at 49.

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Collin said...

Congrats, Lisa. Despite freezing during the ceremony, it was a nice evening. :)