Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Breaz's Graduation

Several days ago, I went to Palm Beach County, and saw my lovely niece, Breaz, graduate from high school.There were over 500 kids graduating from Park Vista, which was holding only its Second Annual Commencement, on account of it being such a new school!!

I was delighted to hear the superintindent of schools give an emotionally-charged speech. Instead of the incredibly typical "You are now beginning a journey...", he spoke of what students are taught, versus what they are SHOWN(in this world), and took ownership in the tragedy---in that gulf that exists between the two. He asked everyone present to consider what is taught, versus what is shown to today's young people.
A distinct example he gave was "We teach you to behave with ethics, but our government shows you corruption, and corporations show you greed.." Very politically charged, this gentleman spoke with conviction, and tremedous courage(especially in very-red-state Florida!).
God Bless him for that!

I watched as Breaz literally swept across the floor of the Palm Beach County Convention Center, all smiles, her bright blue eyes-- wet only momentarily with tears-- upon seeing her Dad.
I thanked Tom, chatted with Randy, ran my hands over Hansoo's hands, beamed at my very proud Mom and Dad, and hunted for Tina(busy as always-- cooking, and serving all this delicious food-- I'm sure.)I listened as several of Tina & Tom's neighbors and friends discussed their suburban lives(how they met their husbands, what hell this husband who's a policeman has gone through,etc..), and I found myself seeing what this thing called "typical" really is--"Typical" not being ordinary, really, but meaning that one is in the main--in the mainstream of life-- and feeling every important, and even trivial thing, every detail, with all one's heart--because that IS living--living in the now, in the tiny individual moments that compose that bigger picture we call life.

"Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal"--Sarah Bernhardt

Enjoy every moment, kids.

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