Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving Was Tiring, But Grand!
Although I hated that we(all my family-of-origin and extended family) were all spread out all over the USA this year, I managed to navigate a great time at "new bro" Arthur's house in Charlotte. Hansoo's younger brother is a sweetheart, and his new girlfriend, Toni, is delightful!
I hope she felt as loved as I did by the whole family there! Rachel and Grace impressed me with their sophisticated tastes for kalamata olives, feta' cheese, and all the other ingredients that make a great Greek salad!
For a thirteen-year-old, and her eight-year-old-sis, you all did a great job in understanding, when your "Theya Lisa" began to tear up, as I explained the raking of the cucumbers with a fork(they look "lattice-edged" when finished)over the peel, is the way my beloved Yia-Yia used to do them.Children instinctively know when you desperately miss someone.
We(Hansoo, and "Omma K." and "Oppa K.") raced home Thursday evening, greeted Danny M.(who always lovingly cares for our "babies" when we are gone) at our house, then Danny M. and I headed to my Mom's, who filled us in on Thanksgiving at her brother's, and then we sped off to drop a few goodies at pal Vim's house.
Dear friend Vim, is a marvel.He has managed to stay incredibly healthy for many years despite a potentially life-threatening infection, and cares for both his elderly parents---his mother with intestinal illness, and heart disease, his father with dementia.And he never complains.
It is a JOY to see him in his kitchen, cooking. I got a glimpse of him, in his element, a few days ago.He was preparing a meal(fresh rosemary from his garden, bay leaves, reddish Szechuan peppers, thai chilies, fresh ginger-root--the pot, indeed the house was sooo aromatic!) for his niece-- Sheila-- in town to help out at his home, and "adult-sit" his father while Vim attends to his mother, who recently had an operation(she's in hospital, intensive care).Please keep Vim and his family in your prayers, and meditations.

If you are in front of your t.v. this Thursday, take a look at PBS, Atlanta Channel 30, at 8:00 P.M.---A special on "Rolling Stone" magazine will be premiering, and I'll be on-camera, along with other SAG/AFTRA talent, helping with the phone lines for their fundraising event, from 8:00 P.M., until 10:00 P.M., that night!
Or... just TiVo the PBS event, and go see the it's-the-film-that-inspired-Madonna's-Vogue----"Paris Is Burning" at Centre Stage(Details at Collin Kelley's Blog--u know his address, but here it is, again:
Then head over to Atlanta's "Outwrite Books" for the "Lighting of the Great Gay Tree"--$5.00 gets you food, beverages, and a lot of frivolity for a great cause--Atlanta Pride!!
Dustin's Blog is called:
I Was Born Doing Reference Work In Sin.
I like to tell people to Google "Dustin Brookshire"(be sure to use the quotation marks)--it's fun, because you see all kinds of links to him, and his work!His "Limpwrist" magazine will be in production soon--this e-zine is accepting submissions now!For more info, check out that Blog!

I'll be posting WHERE you may see my one-woman "Show & Tell" really soon!

I'm now writing a piece based on Edna St. Vincent Millay I'm calling "The Woman Who Called Herself Vincent".I am interested in maybe touring colleges and/or museums with this piece.We'll see if anyone is interested in this possibility, for 2008.
Maybe I'll try "Outwrite Books" for a debut of it, or for "excerpts" to be performed, in February or March, 2008!
Hope the Season is treating you all well.
Remember, if you want to leave the world a better place than you found it, I think it's easy to do:
Quote from me, Lisa:
"Be kind. Kindness is too often under-rated, but always much appreciated."

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