Saturday, December 01, 2007

On Thursday evening, I gathered with fellow SAG/AFTRA/AEA performers, and we handled the phones for the telethon to raise monetary support for fabulous local station, Public Broadcasting Atlanta, Channel 30.
We were treated to a royal spread of food, courtesy of Whole Foods Market.
It surely was fun hearing folks put their money where their eyes are, in pledging support for WPBA!If you missed the special, it's a Rolling Stone Magazine tribute, using actual archived photos from the magazine, and several interviews and musical performances.Look for it over the next few weeks, as it will be rebroadcast!
Special Thanks to Doug Kaye who set this up for us to volunteer our time and talent for such a wonderful, worthwhile cause
(some of my favorite shows are on WPBA.Shows like "In The Life"--about LGBTQ in the USA and "Rick Steve's Europe", a great travel/education show).
Big shouts-out to executive producer/producer/director of
"Rolling Stone Magazine: Voice of Our Generation", Bob Marty.
The staff at WPBA, Channel 30 were wonderful. Especially helpful, Kevin Skellie!
Thanks to all who gave of their time!

Now, get ready for COLLIN KELLEY AT POETRY AT TECH!! This Thursday, 4:30 P.M. at the Clary Theatre, Georgia Tech campus....arrive EARLY for a great seat!!

That's it for Saturday...
Hansoo & I will be hunting for a tree(we always do "real") tonight or tomorrow.

Special Prayers & Meditations for dear friend, Vim, whose Mother is healing in Intensive Care, after two operations.

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