Saturday, February 23, 2008

I decided to calm down a bit after Thursday's Debate.I was tickled that for the most part, both candidates were civil, and even kind at times...but Hillary's nasty cheap shot at Senator Obama made me wonder why she felt she had to do that, even as she scored points for speaking well, and received cheers and applause equal to his during the debate.
I think it's time to ready ourselves for a New America--the slogan of Kerry/Edwards in 2004 was "Change We Can Believe In"(I still have my button).I was sorry that slogan never galvanized the country in the way the catchword Change has, now. But, better late than never.
Here's to a President Barack Obama, and Change, and
a New America--an America that has a chance at regaining integrity, and developing a decent relationship/reputation with the rest of the world.

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