Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm really already quite tired of hearing about New York Governor Eliot Spitzer's so-called "fall from grace". He hired a prostitute. That's sad that he had to hire someone for sex, and I'm certain it has hurt his family. It also is hypocritical of him, given that he made a name for himself on cleaning up prostitution rings, vice, etc...
I'm much much more concerned with the kinds of immorality that has led this Administration(George W., Dick Cheney, Condelezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld(I know Donald Rumsfeld's gone now, but he was working far too long with George W., etc. etc...) to create a false case for going to war, reap profits from the blood of dedicated soldiers, wiretap innocent Americans, condone use of torture, remove habeas corpus, restrict due process, etc..
It's unbelievable that a President can say(many many times) that we must ban the image of coffins returning from Iraq because it would be "too upsetting for the public.". It's immoral and disgraceful that we are not ALLOWED to honor the young men and women who did what this country--no,make that-- this government-- asked of them. If you want to see real, unashamed immorality, look into the eyes of the so-called leaders of this nation...
And then, explain to me that Eliot Spitzer has to resign(there's absolutely NO corruption associated with this--it's quite seldom that any client is ever prosecuted for obtaining services of prostitution, but then, how often is the FBI involved in spying/taping conversations involving call girls?).
Tell me why he has to resign, when he's been doing his job well.
His sexual proclivities are his, and perhaps to help him--his wife's-- to sort out. Not ours.


Collin said...

It really comes down to how afraid this country is of sex. If Cheney or Bush had been caught with a prostitute they would have been run out of town on a rail. The last taboo in this country is still sex...who you do it with, how you do it, the gender, the age, the position. We live in a very puritanical society when it comes to sex.

Lisa Allender said...

lvie@bellsouth.netI think that must be it, Coll. I really cannot understand all this silliness. I do think the hypocrisy is hard for people to take. I get that. But I really think all this OBSESSION with sex by everyone is terribly unhealthy!