Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's taken me a couple of days to post about this, but I wanted to have a few minutes to sit down and write fully about the evening. I'll start with Franklin Abbott, one of this most self-less individuals I've ever met, though I want to coin and use a term I feel is better suited, when describing an unselfish, open individual: self-free. Selfless always sounds as if one makes themselves less, in order to give more. But in Franklin's case, he literally sets himSELF FREE in order to give more to others...I loved hearing his singing voice, powerful with a hint of vibratto, and plenty of warmth. As charismatic as his open, friendly personality!
Franklin set up this entire event, which featured amazing music:
RUA 6 which consists of Rafael Pereira, and Vlamir Abbud(see them weekdays at Loca Luna, Midtown, and see them across the street from Perimeter Mall, at Eclipse de Luna, on weekends!)kept the evening lively, and my body movin' to all their sexy beats!
The always-fabulous Janet Metzger joined Franklin with vocals, and sang in Portugese , as well!Susan Ottzan's harp(incredibly beautiful, whisperings of love), and keyboard skills were the support for this lovely array of music!
Then there were the storytellers and poets:
Sharon Mathis and her tale of seeing black swans on the Chattahoochee, just before the AIDS crisis developed;Rebecca Ransom and her piece on war;Rupert Fike's at times hilarious("Beatrice, Beatrice..."), and ultimately, devastating pieces on the tribe(Burkina-Faso) in Africa he met through his nurse-daughter;Yolo the Poet(visit: moved me from smiles to tears;and Franklin Abbott read a few pieces from his vast selection of touching poems to augment the songs he sang.
My favorite moment may well have been hearing Melanie Hammet, who I cannot seem to get enough of. Her "175" ought to be required listening for everyone!
SPECIAL THANKS TO DANNY MORRISON, videographer extraordinaire, for recording the event, and taking still pics, as well.(Visuals will be posted here, soon!)and to honey HANSOO KWON, for supplying equipment!
The City of Pine Lake was extremely kind to let us use their Community Clubhouse!
Oh--I also wrote a Double-Haiku, specifically for the evening. Franklin suggested I include it on my blog, so here it is:

Dagara Women
wise, strong, carry water to
grateful villages.

Water teems with a
knowledge. Ancient wisdom, this,
the women carry.

I began the evening with a short speech from President John F. Kennedy. I'll be posting that piece, soon.Have a great Wednesday!


Selma said...

Brilliant haiku. I so agree with you about the use of self-free as opposed to selfless; it is a much more fitting term. Sounds like a great night!

Lisa Allender said...

Hi Selma--thanks for the compliment!
It was a fun evening.And yeah--I'm going to use the term self-free on a regular basis--maybe it'll actually get into the lexicon!

Dustin said...

Thanks for the recap. I enjoyed your haiku. I remember you wrote one for your wedding-- if I am remembering correctly. Do you have a collection?

Lisa Allender said...

Thanks Dustin...I did write a poem about Honey Hansoo.Huh. Wonder WHERE that is(?)
It's interesting you ask about Haiku.I actually write one every few days or so, though it's not a "cohesive" collection. I think it's kinda funny--chatty me, able to write "spare", in Haiku form! LOL.