Friday, June 20, 2008

Barack Obama is to public service what Tim Russert is to political reporting.
Both came from humble beginnings, roots with a strong work ethic, and great familial love, but little money. Both were educated in private schools(I loved that Tim honored all his life the strong teachings he received from the nuns(I feel strong affection for my teacher-nuns, too)), and both were encouraged to dream. Both have been giants in their fields of choice. Obama continues to be.
Tim Russert won't get the chance to do even more, to walk with us through the most historic election this country has ever seen. He won't be there for us to watch--as I did in 2000--when he held up that little board, with "Florida, Florida, Florida" on it, where he explained the entire election(long before anyone guessed how spot-on he'd be)would hinge on that state. I called my ol pal, Alan, and we chatted, back-and-forth throughout the night. My "California connection", Alan offered insights as we listened to Tim's, and when I headed to bed, I believed Al Gore had won. When Alan called to let me know "Something's up...", it was Tim Russert who we listened to. It was a long evening, a longer morning, and I went from elation, to heartbreak, to maybe -there's-a-chance...
Election Night (Tuesday, November 4th, 2008) won't be the same without Tim Russert and his perspective, his commentary on politics, on music--a lifelong rock n' roller, he adored Bruce Springsteen, but was tender-hearted enough to have "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" as his cell-phone ring-tone.On life, on sports--and his beloved "Bills".I'll miss his bigger-than-life smile.
I saw on NBC News the other evening, that after his funeral, a rainbow suddenly appeared just behind the NBC studios. They showed the rainbow, and for a moment, it was seeing like Tim--intelligent, bright blue eyes, blinking, saying hello, and urging the rest of us to go after the story we want, and "Go get'em, pal...".
RIP, Tim.

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Collin said...

What a loss. I don't know how they will replace him on Meet The Press. It will never be the same.