Sunday, July 06, 2008

I promised a more thorough update on Pride celebrations, and here it is...
I went to Sabroso Mexicano on Thursday night, had dinner with lovely long-time pal, Coral, and my closest cuz, my 2nd-cousin, Gigi. Afterwards, there was a party hosted by Curve Magazine, and Coral and I danced the night away; cuz Gigi complained she couldn't dance in the shoes she'd chosen to wear. The music was mostly hip-hop, and Coral's salsa moves worked well with it! She was asked by one tough-grrrl, "Could you teach me those moves?" Coral obliged, though the moves weren't at all the same, with others doing them.Later, this same gal asked of me,"Could you roll your hips like you did, again?" I was clueless as to what I'd done to be so entertaining, but did my best to accomodate the request. What fun I had dancing! The photographer who was roaming the floor appeared captivated by Coral, so I would not be at all surprised if she winds up splashed across the pages of Curve.
On Friday, after the great visit to Wordsmiths' Books in Decatur, a quick bite with eternity pal, Collin, and my Mom, Coral and Gigi, and I we(the last three mentioned) returned to L5P and Front Page News, for a second round of partying with Curve Magazine. This time, Gigi did more dancing(she's a wonderfully vibrant dancer--she's a teacher by profession, but no "school-marm" here), I did more looking, and listening. Coral was radiant, and way sexier than the go-go girls hired to entertain the throngs(they were cute, but mere children compared to the seasoned luster of Ms. Coral).
What made these past few nights especially pleasant is that these moments were a wonderful escape from the stress I've been under lately. The illness I've been saddled with the past few weeks has caused weight-loss and pain, and there are still tests, and questions, but a few hours of dancing, lots of Evian water and kind words from great company, goes a long way to helping me feel better! I want to encourage those of you who are "regular partiers" to try going out and NOT drinking. I'm not a drinker myself, but I heard comments from several women that it's nice to have a great time without the "pressure to drink". I'd like to add that it is great to be able to continue to dance, and dance well, long after the drunk-y people are fading. And it's safe to drive home, with no worries. And you get to REMEMBER all the fun times you just had! Partying, socializing, dancing, having fun, does NOT equal, or mean, drinking.
I want to thank everyone who's inquired about my health, e-mailed or called. Please be patient with me. I'm feeling much better.I'm eating less sugar, and getting more rest. I'm studying essential oils, and using aromatherapy here at home, for natural healing. And, I'm lining up doctor visits, too. I'm trying to cover all my needs.
And, speaking of needs....a huge shout-out to all the wonderful houses of worship who came out to Pride, to lend support, and offer help and OUTreach to the LGBT community:I picked up literature from Central Presbyterian(it's located next to the RC Shrine Church downtown);UCC (Unity Christ Church);Unitarian Universalists;Episcopal Church. I am so heartened by the efforts of these churches to be available to the LGBT community, and I was of course, disappointed that no Roman Catholic outreach was in sight. Once again, the RC Church is remiss--and wrong--on this. I enjoy attending Mass, but am going to be a bit more "promiscuous" in my church attendance, as I plan to "church around"(visit many houses of worship).
It's nearly Sunday morning, and I am grateful for the kindness of close relatives, and forever friends. God Bless You. And God Bless PRIDE!!!!!
Peace, kids.


Sandra said...

Hey Lisa--

Thanks for dropping by the site! I see your name pop up on Collin Kelley's blog sometime. I haven't met him, but I'd like to.

I'm actually reading at Emory in September. Maybe we can arrange something in tandem?

Cheers, Sandra

Selma said...

So glad you had a good time and glad you're feeling a little better. You're right about dancing and not drinking - I can dance all night on Evian!

Lisa Allender said...

Hi Sandra Beasley!Thank you for stopping in! Yes, let's meet up in September... I did not know you were reading at Emory, but I'd love to come see ya!
Collin is a very close friend of mine, and I'd love for you two to meet!(I told him 'bout you when I returned from the IU Writing Workshop, of June 2004)

Lisa Allender said...

Hi Selma--I feel really good.Doing ALOT of essential oils and teas stuff, as well as a bit of medicine. I had a great weekend, dancing and all! Thanks for popping in!

Dustin said...

The church participation at Pride always warms my heart.