Saturday, July 26, 2008

Last Book I Purchased:
A journal called "Poetry East", published in Chicago. I realized when I got home that the subject for this issue is old photos that inspired poems, and that(old photos) is something that often moves me to write.
And I picked up a memoir from investigative journalist Mike Wallace entitled:"Between You And Me", which includes an 82-minute DVD of his most famous interviews.
Last Film/Network Series I Purchased:
The film that got banned in the U.S., way back in the 1980's that stars Jane Alexander and Sam Neil that creates a post-Apocalyptic United States. It's called "Testament". It's scary.
"Freaks and Geeks"--the brilliant comedy series from tv-writer-turned-screenwriter-feature-film-producer-director, Judd ("Knocked Up")Apatow. Touching, true, sharply written.
Last Music or Spoken Word Recording I Purchased:
I love Darren Chang's VERB series, an audio which features both poetry and fiction, usually read by the writers themselves. I receive it automatically, in my snail-mail, as I have a subscription!
I picked up R.E.M.'s new CD, "Accelerate", but haven't listened to it yet!
If you need more info, Sam, I'll post it!


Karen J. Weyant said...

I just got that issue of Poetry East, too. I am really enjoying the work found in its pages.

Lisa Allender said...

How cool that you picked up the same journal/issue! I have been moved to write about old photos found (my "Grief" is one such poem)
And just recently, an old friend recently found some b/w negatives, of pics she shot of me, as a very young lady. I asked her to send them, to see how I'd feel, if I xcould write about it... The photos are in b/w, and she did them for a photography class when we were at University together--nearly 30 years ago!! It was stunning to see myself, so young(it is obvious I wore too much makeup-my eyes look very "1940's"), and my hair is still very dark(before my days of having my hair made lighter by various hairdressers), and it is so much wavier than I remembered, and I am so semi-nude(they are tasteful photos that emphasize angles and shadows and the plants in the pictures, as much as me and my body). I look so shy, and you can see how very awkward I was, how unsure I look....And I kept thinking: "This is the face before she(me) was attacked, before the break-up with a succession of men, before she came out as Bi, before she fell-in-love for the first time, with a woman. Before she was made whole."
Maybe I can get a poem from these old photos...

Collin said...

A good selection, Lisa.

sam of the ten thousand things said...

Enjoyed your list, Lisa. Good one.

newzoopoet said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for sharing my good news!! I find your blog very inspirational, by the way. :)

Lisa Allender said...

Hi Angela. Congratulations again, on being named, by Mark Strand, in the TOP 50 NEW POETS!!