Sunday, August 10, 2008

First, the good news. Pax Christi meetings are turning out to be, for me at least, a much-awaited, and joyful hour-and-a-half, every first Wednesday evening, at St. Jude The Apostle. The August meeting's highlight was my guest, multi-talented, prolific John Stephens(of Theatre Gael fame) who spoke about several programs and workshops he leads, through his WorldSong, for children and teens. All the programs and workshops imbue values like stewardship, social justice, responsibility and peace, as well as adding texture to the stories, and allowing the young people to develop their own stories as well. One workshop is known as "Heroes, Myth, and Peacemaking", and lends itself well to the spirit of Pax Christi. We are planning to sponsor some workshops soon!
John also will be directing a production of his play, "Farewell, The Fair Country" this coming year, and he plans to tour that show.
If you'd like more information on John Stephens' WorldSong workshops, or his work in theatre in general, you may reach him at:
Please mention this Blog, Lisa Allender Writes, in the Subject line.

Find out what I did on the radio(hint: Rick Lupert, and my poem, below) today, by going to my other Blog:

For Aunt Carolyn

She’s had to photograph bodies
some raped, and
left for dead
others died a quick death in their sleep,
or at the request of some pills,
or on the order
of a stranger’s knife.

I wonder if there have been torsos
bodies with no heads
like the Playboys
she used to collect.
She beheaded those perfect girls
took their heads to the beauty parlors (it was 1965)
and said
Make me look like this
and they did.

I remember the big yard sale
where I peered at perfect torsos
and wondered why it meant so much
to run my hands over their too-full breasts
tanned legs
slim sleek necks
why it felt natural to stare at girls,
who, faceless,
still stare back at me.

Now for the ugliness:
John Edwards, I guess I should not be disappointed. But. God. How. Could. You.
If your wife has moved on, so should we. And the first half of your interview with Bob Woodruff, was believeable. I believe you love your wife, made a mistake, admitted it to her right after, etc.....But I have studied kinesology(body-language) and when Bob Woodruff asked you calmly about that (pesky photos of) baby, your reddening face(a shame response), the scratching of your nose(during pertinent interrogation/interviews, a dead giveaway of deception) and your hemming and hawing said. it. all.
For shame, John Edwards.
But what we REALLY should be obsessing over, is not John Edwards' brief dalliance with a political groupie who's been known as the lovable, likable self-described "party girl" for two decades or more. No, the real ugliness is the fact that this Administration can catapult us into war based on lies, lies, fraudulent letters, lies. Murder has been/is being committed, in the name of greed(see also Blackwater, and at least four other private contractors who profit every second from this war). Because war is organized murder. Systematic, systemic violence.That's the real obscenity, the real immorality.
That's it, kids.
Do check out my other blog, and have a peaceful Sunday night.
Peace, kids.


Collin said...

Oh, poo! I wish you'd called...I would have tuned in to listen.

That is SOOOOOOO John Edward's baby. I have to admit, I think he's a total creep now.

Dan said...

Clinton Adviser Blames Edwards for Her Nomination Loss

Monday, August 11, 2008

Hillary Clinton’s former campaign communications director on Monday said if John Edwards had been honest about his affair or if the news were public before the Iowa caucuses in January, the New York senator could have been the next presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, not Barack Obama....

Dan said...

John Kerry Blames Former Running Mate John Edwards for His 2004 Election Loss

Faux News
Monday, August 11, 2008

2004 presidential nominee John Kerry on Monday said if his former running mate, John Edwards, had been honest about a future affair he was planning, I could have won by a landslide.

Lisa Allender said...

Coll, I called on impulse, but Rick was soooo cool to include me. It was really fun!
Enjoyed the first article(even if it was from "Fox News".
The second post you made--"Faux News"-- that's a joke, yes? I know us Progressives call Fox News the Faux(Fake) News.