Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Less than two hours before his scheduled execution, Troy Anthony Davis was given a stay of one week, so that the Georgia Supreme Court can decide whether to hear his case, or not.
Please continue to pray that Troy Davis will receive clemency, and that his conviction will be overturned.
Thank you to all of you who wrote, as I asked you to, in my previous post. I've written the governor again, just to say THANK YOU for the stay that has been granted. As Al Sharpton said at approximately 5:15 P.M. on Tuesday,, "One week may not sound like very long, but when you are scheduled to die, two hours is a lifetime."
The MacPhail family(the family of police officer Mark Allen MacPhail who was murdered) may not see it right now, but this will be a victory for justice for them, too. Surely they want the person RESPONSIBLE for this heinous act to be convicted and sentenced to life in prison.No justice is served, and no memory of Officer McPhail is honored when an innocent man is condemned.

On a much much lighter note, Clay Aiken has come out as GAY! I know you're really shocked right now, but it's true. He'll be featured on the cover of People magazine, and info will be available on what exactly he's shared, beginning at 7:00 A.M., on Wednesday.
It is admirable that he's (finally!) open about his sexuality. It's important, because it is part of who he is, and hiding his sexuality means sending the message that he is somehow ashamed, or unhappy with himself. It hurts all of us, when anyone LGBT lies about who they are.
Earlier this year, it was revealed that Clay Aiken conceived a child in vitro with a 50-year-old female friend's help. Reportedly, Aiken has said his reason for coming out is that he is now a father: "I don't want to lie, and hide things from my son....."
If that son is helping him to come to terms with who he is, then I say great!
Peace, kids.


Brrrooom! said...

I too am very pleased at Davis' reprieve. I should point out, though, that the stay was issued by the US Supreme Court - not by Sonny Perdue - so you might want to redirect your letter!

Lisa Allender said...

Yes, the Supreme Court issued the stay. The letter was sent to Gov. Perdue because apparently, he did not interfere in this case. In the past, this Gov. has not exactly been supportive when a stay has been requested.

Selma said...

That is excellent news. It does make you realise that we can make a difference. Good for you, Lisa!