Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wednesday night--Met Kate Evans, and was wowed by her discussion of identity "We ARE, and we ARE NOT..." our protaganists, our stories(in our works of fiction, and I would add, in our poetry--even in our "confessional" poetry, lies are told at times, to get to the larger truth.
Mark Doty was brilliant--tales of his love who has since passed, and his dogs. Tales of his new love.
And Blair! He channeled the essence of Janet and Michael Jackson, and his voice--ringing in both opera, and in his spoken-word, was deeply affecting.
Many big thank you's to:
Collin Kelley, Franklin Abbott, and the irrepressible Megan Volpert, in planning this amazing event.
I was not present for Thursday of the Fest, but you can read plenty of exciting news on AQLF, at Collin Kelley's blog.
Last night (Friday) we had a great crowd at Charis(BIG THANK YOU TO KERRIE AND ALL THE STAFF!!)--enthusiastic, and very mixed--lots of gay men, lesbians, and a couple of bi's, and some parents of the poets.....
Reginald T. Jackson always delivers in his sharp, fearless work. He read several pieces, including "Jigga-Boo..", a commentary in poetic form on hip-hop.
I read in-between each poet, meshing a bit of serious poetry and finishing the evening with my two "Orgasms"(from my nearly-completed "The Orgasm Poems"). Patrique Vosges was fun, witty and shared a bit of his fear of falling-in-love--he's a fresh voice on the scene!I had Alice Teeter read last, and her work has richness to it, but it goes down like a sorbet. She is refreshing, clever, and at times--her work devastates with its informed humanity.
Afterwards, several folks commented they'll be at Downtown Library on Sunday for the 3:00 P.M. performances from Reginald T. Jackson(who will be producing and directing his edg-y "69")and me("The Woman Who Called Herself Vincent").Sounds like Reginald's is very polished, whereas mine is still "in transition". I think I'll be able to give the audience a "sense" of Edna St. Vincent Millay.
Today, it's workshops, all day!
Check it out, at:
Link to Charis Books and More, to the right of this column!
Peace, kids!


Selma said...

Sounds like a busy, fun evening. Glad you enjoyed yourself!

Lisa Allender said...

Had loads of fun!