Friday, October 31, 2008

COME ON, NEAL BOORTZ.....I cannot believe what I just heard Neal Boortz, the "Libertarian" commentator on WSB-750 AM Radio, say.
(The Libertarian Party has not allowed him to appear at any of their official events for years now, because they belive he has become a mouthpiece for the Republican Party).
Full disclosure:I agree with Neal on only two things: I believe the 2nd Amendment and gun ownership should be upheld, and I believe in completely fair and equal treatment for all persons, including us LGBTQ people(Yes, Neal supports rights for gays!).
But what he said a moment ago is so sickening, I actually do not want to have to type up the words he used, but feel I must, in order to expose this man as what can only be described as a racist.
He is too educated to not know better than to interact in such a cavalier and incredibly hurtful way, in the following exchange at the noon hour, Friday, October 31st, 2008, a few moments ago, with Jamie Dupree, his Washington DC correspondent.
While discussing Senator Obama(who Neal continually rails against--I listen to Neal's show once or twice a week, to hear the "other" side, so I know what's going on in the minds of the numbed masses who vote exactly as Neal Boortz tells them to)Neal actually said, in discussing the huge amounts of money raised for Obama, and his airing more commercials--Neal said "[In new commercials] they should show Obama walking down the street, holding people at gunpoint demanding their money." He was cut off by Jamie Dupree, who quickly said "You're going to be taken off the air."
Neal, without once appearing to realize the gravity of what he'd just said, replied, "Well, it wouldn't be the first time I've been taken off the air...."
Jamie Dupree wisely changed the subject, but it is incredible to me that a man who absolutely knows better, could say such a shameful thing. And please, Neal, I don't want to hear how you're merely discussing his economic policies, or his tax-policy, or whatever it is you are currently complaining about. The truth is, you knew that conjuring an image of this biracial candidate who many see as a man they feel threatened by--because he identifies as a Black American, because there still exists such tremendous racial division, and distrust--you knew you could say that, and maybe, just like McCain/Palin's scare tactics which have been repeatedly tried in the final months of this campaign, maybe it'll stick. HOW DARE YOU?
For the sake of human decency, I demand an apology--to Senator Obama, and the entire Obama campaign. Apologize to the listeners who unfortunately--agree with you--as you will cause racial hatred to start bubbling up(it does not take much to give people an excuse to hate each other, or to blame each other). As for those of us who DON'T agree with you: you were lucky to have us "check in" with your conservative, outdated modality for living. You have insulted us.
Do what you swear you live by, Neal--be a man, and APOLOGIZE! Take responsibility--the thing you continually say no one in this country does anymore--take responsibility for your actions, right here, right now. Because you're not getting away with this. Not this time.

And us Obama supporters? We'll be okay. In fact, we're going to be great. We will win, and we will prevail. Yes we will.


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Peace, kids.


Brrrooom! said...

Evidently you don't listen to Boortz very often - he likes to point out that the IRS basically uses police powers (the "at gunpoint" image) to exact tribute from successful people... it's something he harps on constantly, and is part of the moral precedent for his advocacy of the Fair Tax (which would include abolishment of the IRS.)

Now, Obama has stated that he intends a degree of wealth redistribution (to "make things fair", etc.) Okay, fair enough, and he's upfront about it. Now, where does the money come from? High earners. How is the money taken? Via taxation, per IRS methods... ergo, gunpoint. So it's a valid metaphor, though in fairness it would have to be applied to ALL presidents (like Bush mugging taxpayers to pay for Iraq, etc.)

Now here's an interesting idea: could it be that the reason YOU interpret Boortz's comments as racist be as much a comment on YOUR (albeit suppressed) bias? I mean, in order for you to interpret Boortz's comments the way you did - and possibly to react so strongly - you must have the "idea" in your head that a black man walking down the street, armed, is dangerous. Let's be intellectually honest here - you aren't lily-pure when it comes to racial bias (I'm recalling your attitudes for several months after being menaced in the hall of your apartment building), and I have to wonder if you could be angry over YOUR past views.

Something to think about.

Lisa Allender said...
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Collin Kelley said...

Boortz has always let his big mouth get in the way of the couple of good ideas he's had. quote Bette Davis...DO SHUT UP.

Lisa Allender said...

CK--Hi, I hope you're getting to really enjoy the heck out of New York City. And yep, Neal Boortz really does shoot his mouth off.
And hey, Coll, thanks for the clever put-down to Brrrooom; it's nice to feel supported!

Lisa Allender said...

PLEASE NOTE: In the comment which has been deleted, I had identified by name the commenter who prefers to be known only as Brrrooom. Here is my comment in its entirety, minus Brrrooom's name.
Brrrooom, I cannot for the life of me understand what in God's name you are talking about.
Intellectually honest? It is true I have been attacked in my life(not that I advertise attacks, but since you brought it up), but actually, in two of the three times in my life that I've been "menaced" as you put it, it was by white people, not black people. In the incident at an apartment in midtown, in 1993, I was advised by the police to move immediately, and three days later, I did. There were no "months after" anything.
I DO remember YOU being paranoid for me, and I reassured you again and again there was nothing to be concerned about.
I can honestly state with a clear conscience that I hold little or no bias towards anyone, even though I grew up in a tumultuous time--the 60's and 70's.
Perhaps because I was taught (via Catholic school, my Mom, great interaction with a variety of children, etc.) that color, race, religion, did not matter, I become more angry than others when I hear this kind of ugliness. Anyone who's ever worked with me, or known me can testify I treat everyone with dignity, and if anyone treats anyone else unfairly, I am the first to object.
The reason the attack I make on Neal Boortz is fair is because he could've chosen ANY metaphor and he chose THIS one. The metaphor was NOT of a man of color being was "holding people at gunpoint", and it is an unfortunate, nasty, cultural stereotype that society has promoted, not me.
It is also unconscionable of you to claim I'm not "lily-pure" in this regard, and in fact to somehow insinuate I have hatred or anything other than deep love and affection for ALL members of--the only race that has ever mattered--the HUMAN race.