Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm truly excited to be included in this excellent, diverse array of artists, teachers, writers, thinkers, musicians, actors.....Come OUT and support the poets and novelists you often read about on this blog! I personally will be reading at Charis Books next Friday evening, and I'll be holding an Acting Workshop on Saturday morning at the downtown library. Sunday afternoon, also at that downtown library, I am thrilled to premiere a new theatre piece, my one-woman show entitled "The Woman Who Called Herself Vincent", which is my take on the life of Edna St. Vincent Millay. I am particularly honored to be featured on the same bill with the marvelously talented playwright and actor, Reginald T. Jackson, who will perform his own new show as well!
All days/times are detailed at the above link to Atlanta Queer Lit Fest.
The talents who are HEADLINING this Festival are too numerous to list, but include: Mark Doty, Kate Bornstein, Kate Evans!
Big hugs and THANK YOU's to the incredibly dedicated Committee members who are making this happen, most especially :
Megan Volpert--exemplary teacher, she's a newlywed(Congrats, Megan!), and a brilliant, witty poet; Collin Kelley- -playwright, poet,novelist,and great human being;Franklin Abbott-- activist, poet, community organizer, saint; the well-known playwright and teacher--Larry Corse(he generously awarded $1,000.00 to this years' playwrighting winner. That play, "Skin Deep" runs several nights during the fest!), Kerri she's-so-gorgeous-I-always-get-distracted-and-forget-her-last-name--- she's talented, kind, and dedicated to LGBT concerns; C. Cleo Creech--warm,but edg-y poet with an eye for art--(and artists!),Cleo is a designer of words, and images.Yolo the Poet, the cutest gay young man you'll meet at the Fest--he has a huge following, and always makes me laugh--and think--at the same time.
Big Thanks to Cal Gough from Ponce Library too!
There are many, many others who derserve mention--these are simply the ones who leapt to mind as the folks I heard from on a regular basis during their long planning of this fab event!
Peace, kids!

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