Monday, October 20, 2008

SUNDAY AT AQLFWeeeeel, we did not get a huge number of folks at the Downtown Library for the final day of AQLF, but it did not matter. The few folks we had were enthusiastic, and it was cathartic to get to "do" my take on "Vincent"(My one-woman show on poet Edna St. Vincent Millay).

There were some moments that definitely "clicked" for me, but others were muddled--which means: it's REWRITE/REVISE time!Very edifying, clarifying!
Reginald T. Jackson's "69" started slowly, but mid-way through, the plot accelerated exponentially with every second and the story took on a surreal quality that served the characters well. I think it can work, and work well, with only a bit of trimming from the first scene. Reginald is very talented. In fact, he and I have discussed appearing on the same bill with each other(He--a one-man show on writer James Baldwin; me--my "Vincent").
Special thanks to Franklin Abbott(whose idea it was that I write a show about, and portray Ms. Millay) and Collin Kelley....
All in all, a great week of poetry, prose, theatre, and interaction with fellow-artists, and audience! Next year will be even greater!
By the way, I hope to have coool photos up before the end of the week, including a CUTE one of Kate Evans and me!My technical skills are not vast, and so I've had problems loading my pics from my new "Shine" phone(in camera mode)!
Peace, kids.


KATE EVANS said...

Hi darlin- Wish I could have been there for your Edna. I was on my, ugh, 5-hour plane flight home with no leg room and no window in my row.

Please let me know when you post the cute pic of us! :)

xo K

Lisa Allender said...

Hi Kate--fabulous meeting you! I'm reading your wonderfully rich "For The May Queen". Bet you're glad you're home safe and sound.
I'll have to get out to your area next year.