Sunday, November 16, 2008

That's the word I'd use to describe the feeling of being not only shored-up, and supported, but excited to work towards the very just, and very fair goal of having marriage:
Civil, Legal marriage available to ALL!
LGBTQ persons have been stripped of that right in California, and several other states have also passed voter-driven resolutions to deny this, and other rights to LGBTQ!The State of Arkansas now says you cannot even adopt a child if you're LGBTQ!

The excitement yesterday was palpable, at The State Capitol, where we(over 1,000 of us, perhaps 1500) gathered to hear various speakers as we protested PEACEFULLY, with signs that read: "NO H8"(No Hate), and (Thank you, Stacey Boschma!)"I'd Vote for YOUR Family".
I was deeply moved that several members of the religious communities showed up to SUPPORT our LGBTQ Civil and Human Rights! Among those present:
A female Presbyterian(from Central Presbyterian Church, directly across the street) minister, a male Christian minister and counselor, and the always-amazing Evelyn Coleman, a Christian woman who authors books for children. Ms. Coleman brought tears to my eyes as her voice nearly broke when she said "I am a Christian, and you are my brothers and sisters..." She went on to detail how her 91-year-old mother had said to tell the LGBTQ folks gathered, "Tell them I am with them, that I am a Christian, that God loves us all as we are, that they they are loved." I was actually quite surprised at the spiritual, even religious tenor of the entire day. I found it inspiring, and very uplifting.
BUT. In order for us to obtain our Civil and Human Rights, we must stay on-point about the nature of this, and that is:
We must get Civil and Human Rights while emphasizing this is about Civil, Legal Marriage. There are some religious groups who are NOT supportive, and IMHO, they need not be concerned with our obtaining legal, civil marriage, as it will NOT affect them. As I said in an earlier post, we are not going to come running into their (bigoted) churches, demanding to be married there.
If we want spiritual and religious support, it's out here for us, as was clearly evidenced yesterday.
After the Protest Prop 8 at the Capitol, strawberry-blond and lovely Jess Hand and I walked towards(in cold, very windy weather) Midtown. We got to catch up with each other on what's happening in our lives
(I interviewed Jess for the article I wrote for Curve Magazine, for this past June's PRIDE edition, that was the last time I got to speak with her at length),grabbed a bite on Peachtree Street, at the Broadway Diner(their mashed potatoes are sheer heaven--light, and buttery), and then we headed out on foot again, to "Outwrite Books " where the "Candlelight Vigil" had turned into a car-honking, flag-waving, music-blaring, voices lifting, street party. Albeit with many candles lit!
I spoke with Outwrite Books' owner, Philip Rafshoon, and the celebration of Outwrite's 15th Anniversary had begun that evening, as well!(Be sure to drop in at Outwrite for an amazing moist, luscious cupcake, a rich cup of coffee, and a great read, soon.(Now Being Featured: books on Gay Marriage!).
I love spending time there--the bookstore/cafe' is simultaneously calming, quirky, and fun! See Link to Outwrite, to the right of this column.
Jess and I carried our signs, and received "OBAMA PRIDE" stickers(complete with logo featuring rainbow colors!). I signed up to be more active in Jim Martin's(for State Senator; he is opposing Saxby(booooooooo!)Chambliss) campaign.
Special Thank You's to:
Collin Kelley:
check out his blog,"Modern Confessional", complete with photos of yesterday, at:
C. Cleo Creech, who snapped the photos. Find Cleo at:
and Dustin Brookshire, whose "I Was Born Doing Reference Work In Sin" also featuring photos from yesterday, can be found, at:

Yesterday reminded me what a great time it is, to be alive. We can ALL make a difference, if we try.
Let's try, okay?
Peace, kids.


betmo said...

we need to stand together for civil rights for every american. it really is that simple.

Lisa Allender said...

Thank you, Betmo, we're going to get there. Love hearing your support!

Collin Kelley said...

Great write up, Lisa. It was great to be with you yesterday!

Lydia said...

Very moving post, Lisa. I'm so happy for you to have had such strong support from the religious community there, making them trailblazers also.

Keep the faith.

Lisa Allender said...

Collin Kelley,thank you, and ditto, my man, ditto!
Lydia,thank you much. You're so correct--the faith community here is blazing its' own trail, too!

Anonymous said...

People power, that's what it is. This is so enlightening. I am delighted to hear it!