Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Usually, I'll be posting my newly selected "must visit" sites on Sundays.
The first one listed today, has to do with Catholicism. Sort of. There are listings for "Reclaiming the Female Soul"; LGBT spirituality; Gay priests; and Women-priests. Check it out!
Call To Action
The second site I've chosen this week is Paula Deen's. Why? Because she's that darned good...I used her Peach Cobbler recipe as an inspiration for my Cinnamon-Ginger Peach Cobbler. Using her basics, I fashioned a lighter version, with a lusher flavor.
Here's her website:

Lots of catching up to do. I'm off to read Collin Kelley's blog, Selma in the City, Pris's blog, Betmo's blog, Lydia's Writerquake,and Poet With A Day Job.
Puzzled? Check out the "Comments" at my previous post,at Lisa Allender Writes.
For something radical, check out my most recent entry(Tuesday) at:

Peace, kids.


Lydia said...

Up at 3:15 a.m. reading blogs and, as if I needed to read about a recipe for peach cobbler when my stomach is growling for an early breakfast.....now I'm starved!
Looking forward to that picture of your wedding dress this week. Maybe you'll hold it until next week, so, have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Collin Kelley said...

Happy Turkey Day, Lisa. Give me a buzz if you get a chance. I'm home tonight and all weekend. Off to my parents tomorrow for the day for din-din.

Lisa Allender said...

Hi Lydia....
I may do a "Collage" of photos--I have SO MANY I need to post:
* Wedding pics(our two-year anniversary is coming up!)
*Photos from Gay Pride, 2008
*Photos from AQLF(Charis Books, Kate Evans & me, etc.)
*Photos from the "Protest against Prop 8"/Candlelight Vigil-Outwrite 15th-Anniversary Party here in Atlanta
* Chipmunks for Selma!

Lisa Allender said...

Hi Collin--I'll try you on Friday! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!