Monday, November 03, 2008

By about noon, I was at the Democratic Headquarters in Roswell, where I was joined on my journey in volunteering by several other dedicated Obama supporters.
A lovely family of women, including the 91-year-old matriarch, Winnie Wilds. I'll have a photo up soon, featuring Winnie and her daughters, CiCi and Dimawi.
Allison Matthews, a brilliant lady who shares my enthusiasm for Rachel Maddow.Allison had quite a few insights, and shared alot of "chicago stuff" with us(she and her husband were married by Rev. Jeremiah Wright). She and I appeared to be on the same-wave-length, and we both remarked we could "finish each other's sentences." Thank you Joyce, Michelle, other Michelle, and Leta, too. We drew and and "painted" (using magic-markers) numerous signs for the big rallies on Election Day. All day long, we talked about this election--many of us had begun by supporting other candidates--several for Edwards(and how we all agreed we're glad he stepped out, early on!!), a few for Hillary. Most of us had loved Obama, but had worried he could not get enough support.
Most of us articulated that we believe Obama will win(I believe he'll win big!), but at least one woman said,"Please don't. I don't want to hear ya'll say 'where are we going to celebrate?' I don't have this..."
The implication being that somehow, even with EVERYTHING going our way, it still won't happen.
For more about the drama of the election--this time in terms of the quiet moments spent waiting in line--I want to encourage all of you kids to check out C.Cleo Creech's blog.He has a compelling story to tell.Here is the link:
I love the kinds of connections fostered when a group of people gather for common good, common cause. I think it's what human beings were made for.

When I returned home, there were cards from Mom, Dad, Unc Bud, and a home-made chocolate cake, complete with organic buttercream icing, and white-chocolate curls on top, waiting for me, with a card, courtesy my dear friend, Judy Spooner.
Late Monday night, I went to Open Salon to re-read a post I made early morning, Monday, at a blog I have over there. I actually just wanted to look it over, see how it "reads". Something was different as I gazed at the meager essay, something
I suddenly noticed an "Editor's Pick" headline above my entry!
If you'd like to read that post, here's the link, to copy and paste into your browser:
Or, simply go to:
and then click on Open Salon, and hit "Editor Picks" and I'm on page 3.

I'm just thrilled to be included in Joan Walsh's(the Editor-in-Chief at Salon Magazine)"Editor Pick". You may have seen Joan Walsh on Real Time with Bill Maher, or on Keith Olberman, or Larry King Live.
So....what a fun, rewarding, tiring Monday.
I'm going to sleep a few hours, then I'll be up to go you-know-where(be sure to read that entry I posted at Open Salon, and please---leave me a Comment over there!)and do you-know-what, tomorrow!
Victory is so close, we can touch it.
Peace, kids.


Collin Kelley said...

It took my nearly three hours to vote, but I did it. Worked the phone banks for Obama last night. Final stretch is here!

Congrats on the Salon piece. Good stuff!

Lisa Allender said...

I love you, Coll!
Iam thinking of doing "Manuel's" tonight--what r you doing to celebrate Obama's win??

Liz said...

Congratulations, Lisa : ))

Enjoyed the Salon write-up.

And Happy Birthday...what a fantastic date to have a birthday on! : )

Lisa Allender said...

Hi LIz...Thank you. I saw your comment over at Coll's blog; thank you for caring about us, and our future.
I believe a President Obama will foster more Peace in this world than ever before. A tall order to be sure, but I feel like so much that was thought impossible, has already happened!