Sunday, December 07, 2008

I was thrilled to get to meet San Jose State University professor and author Kate Evans at the 2nd-annual Atlanta Queer Literature Festival;I found her delightful. Digging into her "For The May Queen" was delicious!

Norma is a teenager bound for college, and the only boundaries she has, are the ones she consistently crosses!This romp through the early 1980's made me feel young again, except this time around, there were no uh-oh moments.
Ms. Evans has created a tapestry of bright colors and swirling images--the trip she takes you on is akin to at least one trip that plays out in the book.
What I loved was that I felt like I was peering into protaganist Norma's journal, reviewing her hottest nights(and there are aLOT of them!)and seeing the world through an unintiated teenager's eyes.There is the quick pace of the story, a twist that's inevitable, but not predictable, and a finish--like a great bottle of Beaujolais, that leaves you ruddy in the cheeks--and tasting the sweetness of life.
Read "For The May Queen", and instantly reverse the aging process. No surgery or pain required. Pure joy!

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