Friday, January 23, 2009

We Were ALL Spied On. Really.

Last night, in the midst of the still glowing reverberations of HOPE all across this land, I witnessed Mr, Tice, a high-security clearance individual with the NSA, announce quite frankly that the wiretapping done by George W.'s Administration was not "limited" in any way. It was in fact, conducted on EVERYONE. He was emphatic about this, and admitted he'd been afraid to come forward until after George W. left office(because he'd been threatened with prosecution by former Administration officials--which is why he waited to speak up until President Obama's first day in office). He revealed these crimes on The Keith Olberman Show, on MSNBC, on Wednesday--I watched Rachel Maddow Show, late Thursday night, and she played the excerpt.
I fear no one will ever be prosecuted for these intrusions into our personal lives(the Nazi-regime of Hitler, and the former Soviet Union's KGB comes to mind, particularly since Tice admitted "journalists were targeted"), because President Obama is very very into forgiveness, healing, and "moving on.". I can't help feeling though, that the ones responsible(and I DO mean the ones giving the orders, not merely the ones conducting surveillance) should be held ACCOUNTABLE, and punished. But maybe that's just me.
I still believe my e-mail correspondence, my computer, my phone calls, my cell-phone calls, my LIFE--should be MINE, and I should be able to reveal what I want to, WHEN I CHOOSE. It's also ridiculous that the former Administration would choose to spend buckets of dollars(MILLIONS!) performing this task, with no real benefit! Imagine what good use that money--recklessly, and criminally spent, could've been used for..Do we even have to wonder why the deficit continued to grow, the past 4 years?(sigh).
I'll keep basking in the warm glow of our new President Obama's Inauguration. But there's a definite chill in the air. And I don't like it. Not. One. Little. Bit.
Peace, kids.


betmo said...

i have known this for some time- some fellow bloggers posted about being visited by the fbi circa 2006 or 07 or so. i am positive that this began in 2001. we will never know the truth probably but it is a big reason i don't use certain catch phrases in my email or phone calls/texts and why i don't conjecture at the blog- i link to the source. they use key words to filter. still, i am sure all liberals were put in one database. and they were a wee too cozy about rounding folks up and stashing them in detention centers under the guise of 'immigration'. let's not forget the recent article of common folks being charged under terrorism laws. one lady lost custody of her children because of a flight attendant on a plane.

but it does explain the lockstep rank and file rethugs and dearth of whistleblowers doesn't it?

Lisa Allender said...

Betmo-- Thank you so much for your comments...Of course, I read with great interest the NY Times' article back in, uh, December I think it was--of 2005--which spoke of illegal wiretapping, etc. But I am pretty stunned it was taken so far, though I should't be surprised.
I can tell you I was told to "look into the camera" by FBI-badged folks at various rallies/vigils I've attended, over the past 5 years. And that was just. plain. weird.--because all the events I attended/participated in were commemorating the deaths of soldiers, or the gatherings were PEACE VIGILS. Apparently, anything promoting Peace was considered "controversial". I won't let anyone intimidate me. Let them try!

poetwithadayjob said...

so gross. I hate when you know things are true, but then the facts come out and it is just so much more profound and awful. YUCK. HOORAY, though, for Obama's great start! He is out of the gate!!!!!

Lisa Allender said...

Yes, it IS yuck-y when the truth of something feels soooo "inevitable"(sigh). But I'm adoring (as I said a few days ago, at my blog)saying "PRESIDENT Barack Obama". Sweet.

Selma said...

It really is unacceptable and quite shocking. I doubt they would have come up with much information that they could actually use, anyway. Since when is it illegal to express your opinion? What a waste of resources and money.

Lisa Allender said...

Selma--I hear ya! And I completely agree!