Monday, February 02, 2009

Agnes Writes.

My beloved Yia-Yia (Greek for Grandmother)many years ago, was offered a full scholarship at Agnes Scott College. Her dreams were varied, but besides acting, she loved. loved. loved. to write. Yia-Yia(Georgia Chiboucas) never got accept that scholarship, as she had to decline, in order to help out her family. The eldest of 7 children, she assisted in the running of the family bakery, and helped her siblings when their mother died. My Yia-Yia passed away in 1987, and I've written extensively about her influence on my life, and in shaping me as a young woman.
So when I read that a new program for the community of Atlanta area writers was forming at Agnes Scott, I felt compelled to write all about it.
I'm no novice when it comes to what Agnes Scott can offer in terms of literary instruction and exposure, as I've often attended, listened in, and taken notes, at the annual gathering of well-known and very accomplished authors, known as the Agnes Scott Literary Festival.
Now, the creator of VERB(a quarterly audio-literary-magazine which is lovely,and which I subscribe to), Daren Wang, pal Tom Bell, and author David Fulmer have teamed up to create a brand new program Agnes Writes.
Agnes Writes appears to be the magical kind of "training" which can transform the writing experience. Among the varied authors is Hollis Gillespie, renowned for her hilarious, racy, yet poignant tales of life with, and without, her family-of-origin.
Chelsea Rathburn, the lyrically-gifted poet with an eye and ear for cogent verse, helms another of the workshops.
Check out all the offerings, at:
And read even more about upcoming readings, speakers, etc., at:
Continued success, kids, in all of your writing endeavors!
Peace, kids.


Dot-Com said...

I'll check out the links :-)

Georg said...

Bonjour Lisa,

These writers' workshops seem to be typically American. I don't think something equivalent exists here in Western Europe.

One of my favorite USA writers, Alison Lurie, did the same, it appears.

This might give some income to struggling authors. I cannot imagine however that anyone morphed into a second A.L. just by attending her lessons.


Lisa Allender said...

Dot-Com, Hi there. Please do!
Georg, Hello! I think writers' conferences are for networking, writers' classes/workshops, for honing one's work...Everyone can become BETTER, if they are motivated, self-critical, and study(preferably, with authors who are accomplished,and/or with whom one connects). But of course, it certainly does NOT guarantee literary greatness, or a level equal to one's mentors!
btw, I have Lurie's book of short stories, "Women and Ghosts", which I've not jumped into reading, yet!

Georg said...

Hallo Lisa,

I have all books from Alison Lurie and I can fully understand that you are somewhat reluctant to jump.

Degustibus non est disputandum - but I would advice to buy another one.

Here are her masterpieces, all very funny, deep, rewarding, everything, anything:
- The truth about Lorin Jones
- The nowhere city
- Foreign affairs
- Imaginary friends

Good luck with this in case you decide to jump.


Lisa Allender said...

Georg, Thank you for the list. You certainly appear to be quite the fan!
I am not "reluctant", just had not made time for her, yet! Thank you for visiting!

Brian Campbell said...

Good news on the Obama front. So far, he's following through (as much as he can) on the priorities enunciated in his latest book. It's a relief to have intelligence and sensitivity in the Oval office, n'est pas?

Lisa Allender said...

Brian Campbell--Indeed it IS a relief to have intelligence and sensitivity in a President! Yaaaaaaa Obama!