Thursday, February 12, 2009

Batwoman is a Lesbian!

DC Comics has finally given us all a superhero who is gay! It's about time!
DC Comics decided Bruce Wayne won't ever be her suitor. Batwoman is described as a "....socialite and lesbian by night, and a crime-fighter, later in the night."
I look forward to the storylines!

Peace, kids.


Marianna said...

Now here is something that you don't hear everyday :-)

I was about to go to sleep (12 at night here) and I learned two things already 1)that there is in fact a batwoman and 2) the she doesn't need a "hero" after all...

haha, thank you for the blog entry Lisa! greetings from Greece!

Question, where are you (or your Ya-ya and papus) from (Greek-wise)? I am in the North-eastern part (3 hours away from thessaloniki-if you know the city).

Goodnight now
Take care
peace and love

Lisa Allender said...

Hi Marianna, Glad I could cheer you, make you smile, with the "Batwoman" news...
My Yia-Yia's (Georgia Chiboucas, she passed away in 1987)family was from Thessalonika(spell?); my Popau Nick Comati(original, actual last name, we just discovered: Komatis, or Kommatis) was from Athens, I think, but not sure. I know I have a few distant-cousins in Athens area, from what my Theya Helen(my Yia-Yia's younger sister, she passed away in 2007) told me.I think one is named Alex(Alexandria).Yia-Yia's parents met in New York City, and they relocated to Savannah, where she grew up. I grew up in Florida, and moved to Atlanta, many years ago.
I have written extensively about my Yia-Yia at this blog. You can check the tags, but I feel certain every November(the month of her death) of this blog, she is mentioned.
Thank you for inquiring. Are you all from Athens-proper?
Peace & Hugs from Atlanta,

Lydia said...

Extremely interesting! How would I have ever known this if you hadn't informed us here? :)

Lisa Allender said...

Lydia--I assume you are referringto Batwoman being a lesbian, and yes, that's what I'm, here for, all the LGBT Super Heroes news!

Marianna said...

Gia sou Lisa!

I went through your interesting blog a few days back and read about your Yia-Yia. Sounds like she was a wonderful person. My pro-yia-yia (great-grandmother) passed away a few months ago...she was 97.

I am from Alexandroupolis but I have a special connection with Thessalonika (or Salonika ;-). Spend 5 years there as a university student. I love Athens too. All the theaters and the wonderful artists we got here in Greece Athens. I love theatre (and actors for that matter-find them interesting to talk to) and I go there a lot! Through my radio show I like to talk about the theatrical news more than the music ones!

Glad I found your blog! Hope to know more about you in the future :-)

Take care now
peace and love

Lisa Allender said...

Marianna--Hi again. Interesting background you have. And how fortunate, to have your Pro-Yia-Yia with you, to age 97!You all in Greece eat well and live well(and long), yes?
You can get updated, anytime, at my blog, and at my website:
(my personal e-mail is available there, too, under "contact me")