Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I apologize to my "usual readers", and fellow-bloggers. It was not my plan to be away, almost two solid weeks!Honey Hansoo and I headed down to visit his folks(Thank you, Omma and Oppa, for the delicious food--kalbee, kimchee, jap-jae, etc) for Mothers' Day in Alabama, and he surprised me with a "honeymoon" of sorts--a week at Orange Beach, Alabama/Perdido Key, Florida.Don't be fooled by the fact that Orange Beach is in Alabama(which may not sound as glamourous as Florida)--the beach is pure sugar-white, the water, crystal-clear and sea-green, becoming deepening shades of aqua, the further out you swim....
We ate the famous only-on-the-gulf-coast-of-Alabama "fried crab claws". Wow. I never get tired of those goodies--delicate blue-crab, bathed in batter, crisply fried in a deep-fryer! Served with extra-horseradish-y cocktail sauce, and fresh sweet cole slaw and fries, it's a feast. We also had succulent, large fresh gulf shrimp, and lots of fresh fruit. And a homemade milk-shake, my favorite: cherry-vanilla malt!
The moments spent scouring the beach for shells was fun, as was the day-trip to Pensacola, where we wandered the pier, ate gyro(a Greek lamb sandwich) and sno-cones.
Back at Orange Beach,we saw sting-rays(schools of them!) swim close to shore, and then flip in the air in what almost looked like flight!
While Hansoo fished(he caught some bluefish),I caught up on a bit of reading(books, not the internet--I had no computer!) and enjoyed the amenities(heated whirlpools, gym, steam-room, to name a few) of the gorgeous "Bella Luna"--a fabulous blue tower of condos which sits opposite the beach, and directly on the coastal canal, where I could see dolphins at play, and hear the hum of boats every afternoon.
To those of you who live near water, I soooooo envy you.
I have renewed urgency in achieving my goal of a "place near the beach."
I simply must have a place to go, every year(or perhaps every other month?)to play, near the water. Next time we vacation at the beach, I want to go to some other nearby beaches, and snorkel.

One name keeps running through my head, all morning, all afternoon, today:
Adam Lambert.
This guy simply must win! He's talented, versatile(a background in acting AND singing, and Adam's experience in musical theatre will better serve an American Idol more than Kris Allen's good guitar-playing or perky piano notes will him) and gorgeous.
So, I'm going to predict Adam Lambert, winner. And I don't believe it will even be close.
If I'm wrong--you'll be hearing the gnashing of my teeth, and I'll label it(a loss by Adam) as exactly what it is:
Whether Adam IS or ISN'T gay, is really not an issue. Frankly, I hope he IS, and I hope he COMES OUT, and says so. Imagine the wonderful message that would send to young teens dealing with their sexuality, and fearful to come out.
In a day when we still have young teens hanging themselves--11-year-olds feeling unaccepted, and worthless, because being gay is never, ever accepted-- much less validated by our still-very-uncivilized society, a win for Adam Lambert would not be just a win for American Idol, and pop-culture. It would be a win for a supremely talented, forthright, attractive young man, and it would be a win for this country, and all the young people who watch American Idol, and wonder if there is a place for them. There is.
Peace, kids.
GO, ADAM, GO!!!!!!!!!


Collin Kelley said...

Sounds like a great getaway. Go, Adam, go! (Although I will be okay if he doesn't win, because his career is set.)

an average patriot said...

Glad you had a blast! You certainly made the food sound good. I am a seafood freak. You day tripped in Pensacola, one of my sons lives by there and loves the area.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a beautiful part of the world.

You'll know the news by now about Adam, I suspect. I was very surprised and disappointed.

Lisa Allender said...

Hi Coll--I'm disappointed about Adam, but still feelin' beach-y from my trip. I get to see my Mom the next few days(All this visiting--I DO love summer!!)as she's visiting me!
Average Patriot--Your son is lucky to live in such a lovely place! Though I grew up in central Florida, we seldom went to the beach.
Selma--Yep, the Alabama Gulf Coast is quite pretty.
I'm still upset over Adam "losing". He's still a winner in my eyes--and I'm sure several million other folk's eyes, too! ;)

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

From the eternal sea (could this be telly) he rises, creating armies on either shore (could this be armies of viewers??))

Someone quick shave Simon Cowell's head and look for a strange birthmark...

He gets everywhere! (Is it me or does he look like a G.I. Joe?)

Lisa Allender said...

Pixies--Your thoughts on Simon Cowell: hilarious!
And yeah--he DOES resemble "GI Joe"

Dave Dubya said...

I think the runner may have a better deal. He probably gets more control over the direction of his career than the contract bound winner.

I think the top three will do just fine.

Lisa Allender said...

Dave Dubya--I really need to get past my disappointment over Adam Lambert not winning. I think the runner-ups actually do quite well. But it would've been nice to have an out, proud, talented gay person as American Idol.