Friday, May 01, 2009

A Missing Poet, A President Bashed, and Swine Flu, Renamed. And the(sigh!) Economy.

Poets often live on the edge. This one, (see story below) climbs volcanoes. Thoughts, and prayers go out to him. Come home safe.
Please click on the link, from CNN News:

I hope everything turns out alright. Perhaps he just wanted some much-needed solitude, and he's on his way back.

I don't know about all of you kids out there in the Blogosphere, but I am pretty tired of folks bashing on President Obama! It's been 100 days, not 300, give the guy a chance!

"Swine Flu" indeed--now it's called H1N1, because pork producers are worried about how "Swine Flu" sounds, and are concerned they will unfairly lose sales, and profits.....Maybe if we actually raised animals correctly, instead of on filthy, cruel "factory farms", we would not be(again!) in this situation(what do I mean--again?--see the 1970's:We began "factory-farming" shortly before that outbreak. Factory farms are notoriously unclean, and the animals are under tremendous stress, and then must be heavily medicated with antibiotics, etc. to fight all the infections. So then we humans become more and more "resistant" to antibiotics, which leads to super-germs--both bacteria, and heavy-duty viruses--which are even harder to treat than bacteria!)). Hit Collin Kelley's blog, and scroll down for his video of the "Swine Flu" vaccine-propaganda(a PSA) from that time. It is, as he says, "unintentionally hilarious".
What's NOT so funny, kids: I remember the vaccine caused many people to become permanently paralyzed, and there were some deaths from the vaccine, too! Whew.

Finally, I hope all of you who are affected by the economic downturn will continue to have faith that we will all soon be out of this, and moving upward, and onward. Look for a special post tomorrow, where I'll be publishing the words of someone else--a woman I knew many years ago, in college--Susan--who e-mailed me very recently(she found me through this blog)about her life.
Peace, kids.


Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Didn't you know - everything gets re-branded, including diseases it seems! It's not just over-farming that causes this: the way we've pillaged the world for so long doesn't help - nature is fighting back

I think Obama's problem is that he came in with very high expectations and a lot to do - the initial wave of euphoria has crashed and people expecting everything to happen overnight.

Lisa Allender said...

Pixies--Hi there. You're dead-on in both your observations! Thanks for your astute analysis!

Thorne said...

Awww Lisa. Peeps just aren't happy if they don't have something to bitch about. Slow and steady wins the race, n all that!! Hang in and look to the sky! All is well an' all is well an' all manner o' things will be well!

Lydia said...

Last night I read comments about factory farming at another blog and for the life of me I cannot remember whose blog it was! But that's two of you pointing out something extremely important in this mix.

Locally, and this is amazing, I haven't been hearing disparaging remarks about Obama. But the press sure is making a lot of fun about Biden's flu comments. I played the remarks on You Tube for my husband and he couldn't see what Biden said that was so horribly wrong. Really, when you view the entire statement it isn't so over the top. I am sick of Biden being viewed as an idiot. I think the administration needs to ramp up his visibility so that we are more used to his style.....

I don't know why, I'm just rambling this early morning. Need sleep! Enjoy your weekend, Lisa. :)

Lisa Allender said...

Thorne--Hi there! Thanks for visiting; I hear you, man!
Lydia--Thanks for the support! Yeah, I agree on the Biden thing--he made very real, common-sense comments. I think his advice was GOOD advice. Too bad everyone can't admit that it's the same advice EVERYone gives, anytime there's ANY kind of flu going around!