Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Looking for unconditional love, and a kind face to greet you, every time you enter your home? Please consider adopting--or fostering(fostering means caring for a dog just until a "forever home" is found) a dog who wants to share her/his love with you!
I recently discovered some new rescues, right here in Georgia:
One is Southern Cross German Shepherd Dog Rescue, and they have wonderful website--complete withheartbreaking message from one Molly--their dedicated dog-lover and caregiver!
The link, also listed in my permanent links, seen just to the right of this post, is:
I'll be posting more about rescues, fostering, and adoptions, later today.
Peace, kids.


Lydia said...

This is one of those amazing things, that you'd post this today after our having learned yesterday of the sudden and untimely death of the man who fostered our Old English Sheepdog TWICE at his home in Texas before helping her find us, and thus her forever home. He was president of the Texas Old English Sheepdog rescue and the emails from members are circulating with accolades and love. Go here to watch the short video of one of Steve's calls from Texas to see how Abby was doing with us in Oregon. This kind man touched so many lives and I appreciate what you're doing in the same spirit of saving dogs' lives, Lisa.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

good article and it's always nice to save a dog rather than buy a new one!

Congratulations on your Mom - not just on her birthday, but because she really seems to be such a wonderful and supportive person. really how a mother should be.
And she looks so young!

Lisa Allender said...

Hi Lydia--Thank you. Yes, I'm seeing lots of "synchronicity" everywhere lately. Collin Kelley e-mailed me about "Rescue Pet Idol", a contest his magazine, Atlanta Intown is sponsoring, just moments after I'd posted my blog(about rescues!), and then late last night, after a looooong day at an Animal Control facility(God Bless these folks for all they must do), and with "rescue" on my mind, I met a fellow while walking our dog, "Louie", and the fellow's name is Eric, and his dog(a gorgeous Huskie) is named "Blue"--viola'--he tells me that Blue's a rescue, and that there is a brand-new rescue(I'l be detailing all of this later in my blog)dedicated to Alaskan Malamutes and Huskies, etc. called Atlanta Mush Dogs(I think I have that correct), and now.... I see your comment!
Sorry you have lost your dear, kind friend, but my goodness--it certainly seems to give meaning to events, when they "synchronize" in such a way.
We (all us Bloggers)really need to throw one heck of a PARTAAAAY here in the States, and/or elsewhere(France, Denmark, Britain, Australia, Germany,Greece, Iceland....have I left any regular readers out?)to hold each others' hands.
And to be grateful(as I definitely am!) for all this lovely support!
Sarah Sofia Ganborg--Thank you for your Lovely Words--and for giving me my "One Lovely Blog" Award, which I'll post about & display, very soon!
Peace, woman.