Thursday, September 24, 2009


Today is my baby-sister, Tina's birthday. I still call her my "baby sister", even though neither of us are anywhere near baby-age!
In most families, children are deigned "the pretty one" or "the athletic one" or "the smart one"...but in this family, believe me, my sister is all three, and then some. Tina's also quite kind, possessing a faith in both God and in most other human beings, too.
Tina is a marketing whiz whose recent campaigns included these cool slogans:
For a popular, rather luxurious bowling/entertainment center:
"SPARE Yourself from the ordinary!"
and the simple-but-true:
"Bowling's Back."
In her outreach to her community, Tina does tremendous promotions and parties for the bowling entertainment center where she is employed, as well as planning corporate events and parties, on-premises.
Lately, in her time away from work, she's been riding (a bicycle) for causes, specifically for Multiple Sclerosis, which a dear friend of hers has been stricken with. Tina runs, bikes, works out, loves to cook(and is quite the chef...her home-made, "Four-Cheese Mac-n-Cheese" rocks!), and loves spending time with her husband, daughter, and our Mom and Dad.
Tina's entertaining skills are legendary. An event I've dubbed "The Fabulous Fry" (which I blogged about last year, in November 2008, at this forum)has nearly 100 people cruising in and out, the Saturday before Thanksgiving, at Tina and husband Tom's "Purple Palace" as they call it! Tom does the frying of turkeys and the pouring of liquor, and Tina does everything else. Set-up, break-down, and all the various foods, in-between, including her famous corn-casserole, salads, veggies, rice dishes, pastas, and breads, and desserts.I almost forgot....her appetizers, including bruschettas are great!
Tina has been enlisting the help of those who attend to bring dishes to share, and often, Tina pays for the ingredients!
The one thing I'd change about Tina, if I could? I'd give her an extra hour per week, and insist on my share of that time:just ten minutes, every week with her, to catch up! Have a great birthday, sis!
Peace, kids.


an average patriot said...

Happy Birthday Tina and thanks for your devotion to the MS Society. We appreciate it for sure!

Lisa Allender said...

Average Patriot--Hi there; I hope you are feeling well.... Yeah, my sister is a sweetie. I'll havta get some recent pics, and post 'em!
Peace yo.

Keith Wilson said...

Aw, how nice. It's nice to see someone who loves their sibling; I love mine just as much, but I see so many people who never speak to their brothers and sisters, and have no desire to.

Collin Kelley said...

Sending my birthday wishes, as well.

Lisa Allender said...

Keith--Thank you. My sis is a if I could just find a recent photo of her, to post!
Collin--Thank you, Coll. We still gotta celebrate YOURS!