Sunday, October 04, 2009


Lots going on, kids, beginning with my successful audition, just last week, for the 2009 version of "Lend Me An Ear", the annual stage event featuring SAG-AFTRA members, to benefit The Atlanta Community Food Bank.
I'll be playing "Laurine", described as a "Femme Fatale Southern Belle", in an episode entitled "A Logic Named Joe", of the sci-fi series, "Dimension X". It is probably unnecessary to even mention this, but I am sooo thrilled to have such a juicy role!
All the sketches are adapted from old-time radio-shows, and are mystery, sci-fi, romance, intrigue, comedy...and this year, they include a musical version of "Dick Tracy"--with my dear friend, Yolanda Asher, playing--who else? "Tess Trueheart". You go, woman!
I am thrilled to be working for the first time with director Jon Hayden, and am delighted that directors Doug Kaye and Barry Stoltze are once again directing many pieces in this collection. Get the full details, here, and updates, almost daily--at my Facebook Wall. PLEASE "FRIEND-REQUEST" me, using "Lisa Nanette Allender" so you can be in the loop! You'll see the Auto-Link to my Facebook Wall, to the right of this column. Simply scroll down 'til you see "Lisa's Links" and click on "Facebook".

I'll have updates on the turnout for my CAbi (Carol Anderson by invitation) Show(presented by eternal friend, Coral McGhee) & Party, in my next post.
Want to know what CAbi is? Check it out, at:

Peace, kids.


Selma said...

That is really exciting, Lisa. Good on you!!!

Georg said...

Best wishes for success and delight in all those ventures.


Lisa Allender said...

Selma--Thank you!I'll be stopping in at "Selma in the City" soon.
Georg--Hi there; thank you!Headed to your blog soon, too!

Keith Wilson said...

Yes, that's awesome! Congrats!