Monday, December 21, 2009

Small is the new Big.

I keep noticing performers speaking about acting, or singing, in new ways.
For instance, I recently saw James Franco on Saturday Night Live(this past Saturday night, in their last show of this year), discussing why he's on the soap opera, General Hospital.
Mr. Franco has been in big-budget films like "Spiderman", as well as popular, prime-time("Freaks and Geeks") television series.
I read that he wanted the experience of a "performance artist", that he wanted to perform in a different way, as an "experiment."
Then on "CBS Sunday Morning"(my all-time favorite television show), the wonderful singer-songwriter Sting was interviewed on why he's suddenly choosing to perform in pubs, and in churches(?!).
"It's different.It's one thing to perform in front of 6,000 people in a stadium, but it takes something else to perform in front of 4 or 5 people, in a pub."

I would say it takes intimacy--and a comfort with sharing such intimacy, too.
Perhaps that intimacy--that communion I so often speak of, that I believe we're all searching for--at church, in the theatre, at an art gallery, when listening to a poet read--is finally becoming an admittedly desirable thing.
For too long, we've had the faux-intimacy of e-mail and Facebook(I am a confessed FB addict).Even this blog is not a true person-to-person experience.
Maybe what I'm hearing esteemed actor James Franco, and accomplished singer Sting
say is that the smaller experience can be a more genuine one, or one perhaps felt at a different(deeper?) level.
Seems to me, small is the new big.
Peace, kids.


an average patriot said...

At church in everyday life all day. You guys have a Merry Christmas!

Lisa Allender said...

Average Patriot--"At church"? Do you mean like, you're "in a spiritual place"? Or LITERALLY, "at church"?
Either way, sounds like you're connected/connecting with the Divine.
Peace & Blessings to you, man.

an average patriot said...

Lisa the entire earth is a church to me. We are lucky to be in it and should celebrate every breathing moment and I do. You do not need a church. That is why it tears me apart to see it systematically abused and destroyed. It is all we have and I for one am one with it.

Harnett-Hargrove said...

Having a think....sounds gloriously existential to me. -Jayne

Lisa Allender said...

Average Patriot--You are so self-actualized, honest, and grateful. What a breath of fresh air you are, my friend. Peace & Blessings to you, this Season.

Lisa Allender said...

Harnett-Hargrove--Hi cuz Jayne!
I somehow did not seeyour comments, 'til just this second. Strange...
I think Patriot sounds very "Zen"-ish. Sweet.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Merry Christmas!!!

Collin Kelley said...

I think James is such a sweet little stoner.

Happy Holidays, Lisa. Much love. xo

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

merry christmas lisa

Selma said...

Small has always been significant in my eyes. That intimacy is what we're all looking for, I suspect.

Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas. Much love to you XXX

Marianna said...

It is true. We should try to experience the little things that life has to offer :)

Καλά Χριστούγεννα Lisa! Health and happiness to you and yours!

Greetings from Greece!

Lisa Allender said...

Sarah Sofia--Hi there. Hope your Christmas Weekend was and is--bright!
Collin--I adore James Franco: he's intelligent, hot, and terribly funny. And yeah, a stoner, yes?
I willsee you soon, to celebrate Holidays/Holidaze.
Pixies--Merry Christmas weekend to you!
Selma--Hi there. Intimacy, communion, yes!
Hope Christmas is very Merry, down under!
Marianna--Hi there.
One little thing I want in 2010:
To visit Greece!
Greetings and best wishes for Christmas weekend, and HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2010!

Dave Dubya said...

Musicians are more accessable through the "fourth wall" than actors. Human contact is vital for musicians to sense in performance. Intimacy across from stage to audience and back is how many musicians get that feedback they need. Small venues are best for that kind of contact.

Not that I can compare the stadium to the club performance experience. I've only played small gigs.

Looks like Jim and I go to the same church. :-)

Lisa Allender said...

Hi Dave Dubya...That's cute, You & Jim "go to the same church." LOL. Cute.
You're correct, I think--musicians having "less " of a "fourth wall" than actors. I mean, we "need" that "fourth wall", so the audience can easily "suspend their disbelief" for the course of the play...
Peace to you, Dave Dubya...:)

Teresa Jones Brink said...

"small is the new big"'s bout time! :-)
It's wonderful to see people finding what has been all along. It's easy to miss the small quiet against the big and flashy. I have found that coming into middle age and life's circumstances have helped me to find the "small" easier....but I always did have an eye for detail. Glad the world is catching up and GLAD to see those in the bright lights are being pioneers of sorts in their worlds.

Decades ago when I was young, I thought that there were no more pioneers and that all the major stuff had been invented. Silly me, I have since realized that there is so much more room for pioneers. Pioneers are those who speak their truth with no fear and walk the way of their heart.

Lisa Allender said...

Teresa--Yes! What you said, definitely.I love the idea of being a "Pioneer of the heart."
I want to be!
Peace & Blessings for a HAPPY NEW YEAR, Teresa! :)
I'll be wearing my high-heels! ;)

Teresa said...

You rock those heels girl! hee hee

Yes I think you are a pioneer of the heart. :)

Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I thought I had it set up to send me a note if there was a response. Hugs!