Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti, We Love You.

What to do when you've got projects unfinished, people needing your help, plenty of challenges facing you, and an international crisis of biblical proportions, playing out in the media?
It's easy to feel helpless when you have your own concerns, and there is so much devastation happening:
Haiti, and its crumbling buildings and crumpled people, seems too hard to bear. Clicking on Facebook to "connnect", often doesn't alleviate fears, but appears to accelerate worry and stress.
So, what's a decent, caring person to do?
First, turn OFF any anger-fueled rants by those who don't have a clue what kindness or decency is. Those who throw words like "...cursed nation.."(are you listening, Pat Robertson?)as a proof of their own bias and cruelty, or spit the word "compassion" as if it is a dirty word(Rush Limbaugh).
In recent weeks, I made it a point to listen to the far-right both as an exercise in fair-minded-ness, and a "Know Thy Enemy" practical step.
But no more.I wasted precious hours listening to edict after edict from folks foolish enough to think just because they believe something to be the case, that makes it so.
The tragedy in the world right at this minute, is Haiti.
A longer-term tragedy is the inability of the "right-wing" of this country, to accept responsibility for not only their inefficient governing, but their utter lack of decency, when folks are in desperate need.
Second, personally surround yourself with kind, caring folks. This is pretty elementary, but bears repeating. We need folks who are "in" our corner, lifting us up.
Third, stay focused on what makes YOU Happy. Whether it's finishing reading that great novel you started, or singing softly to yourself in the tub, do what releases you, and your "good" energy.
Last, place that good mojo of yours, in a place where it can do great things. Bake brownies for your neighbors, especially the elderly lady, or the new immigrants.
Take a deep breath, and see how you can help. Once you're helping others, whatever worries you personally had, will begin to melt.
If you would like to contribute to help those devastated by the earthquake in Haiti, there are several organizations which are doing their very best for Haiti...
Visit my Facebook Wall, using the Lisa's Links to the right, by scrolling down and when you reach my Facebook Wall, see other links to caring organizations, like:
"The Animal Rescue Site" has a purple button you click on, and just by doing that, they donate dollars to Haiti's animals AND humans, who need food and supplies.
The "CARE" organization, the oldest assistance group in Haiti, is also a great charity.
"The Tyler Perry Foundation": Tyler Perry will give 100% donated, to Haiti.
Take time to give--first by being kind to yourself, so you have YOU. And then to others, so you CAN make a difference.
May God Bless the people of Haiti, and give them strength.
Peace, kids.


YogaforCynics said...

Humanitarian disasters really bring out the best in people, and the worst--thus, a number of acquaintances of mine, who, from my limited vantage-point, have seemed to be myopic and self-involved, are doing everything they can to raise awareness and help the people of Hait, while the likes of Limbaugh and Robertson reveal just how little they care. In a way, it's like a mega-version of a more personal crisis--I was amazed when my father died to learn just who my real friends were, and who really didn't care about me much at all...

Dave Dubya said...

The helplessness we feel watching the people of Haiti is microscopic in comparison to what those poor souls are going through.

I am unable to do much about it, so I contribute what I can. One of my favorite organizations is

Lisa Allender said...

Yoga For Cynics--Hi there.Thank you for echoing my feelings, re. the Haitain Crisis.
I'm sorry for the loss of your father, too.

Lisa Allender said...

Dave Dunbya--You said it man.
And YES! "Doctors Without Borders" is a wonderful organization, and one of the first to arrive, to offer help.

CathM said...

Thanks for sharing this... I am currently writing a poem a day (for 30 days) to raise money for Haiti. Wish me luck :)

DenisCollis03 said...


Lisa Allender said...

CathM--Good Luck! May God Bless You, dear!