Saturday, April 24, 2010

Clouds in my coffee...

It's Saturday, and I once again, "Facebooked"(notice it's now a verb, just as "Friend" is now a verb, as in, to "friend" someone)alot today.
What did I Facebook about? Films, music, and oh yeah--mental illness.
In Facebook-land, one does not have to be cohesive in posts, since they are listed separately, and are simple, dis-jointed little statements.
Quite fun, really.
btw, if you wish to "friend" me on Facebook, I'm Lisa Nanette Allender there. :)

And then, there's blogging.
I think I'm back to posting several times a week, here at "Lisa Allender Writes" because it's where I actually DISCOVER what I'm concerned about.
So, I'm readying for bed, and contemplating tomorrow: My husband's 39th birthday.
My husband is younger than me, and I'm grateful for that.But as I grow older, I see the "rate" at which my body "ages", increases.
I fear sometimes I'll fall far behind him, in both health(has already happened several times)and attractive-ness(he's verrrrry cute!).
What is it, ultimately, that keeps two people in-love, together?
I think(and certainly, hope) it's intellect, and soul. Those two seem to improve--and grow larger--with age.


Selma said...

One of my dearest friends is married to a guy ten years younger than her. She worries as she enters her late forties that he will begin to find her unattractive. I know he won't because of the connection between them. I think when two people are closely linked intellectually and philosophically they always remain attracted to one another. You, my dear, have nothing to worry about. Happy Birthday to your hubby!

Dave Dubya said...

Love itself grows as we walk life's path together. True, we need a shared intellect and deep affection, but after 25 years my wife and I tell others to keep three words in mind. Communication, cooperation, and compromise.
Honesty, trust, mutual respect, closeness and love are all nurtured by the Three "C's".

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Congrats on your husband's birthday!
Guess what? My son has his 27th today!

My husband and I really don't care at all about physical things... all we want is that we're connected in spirit and that we're working towards the same goals...

thanks for your comment on my blog. It was very much appreciated.
I actually wrote the post in order to have something to show to 2 Danish politicians.
I need them both to support different projects and not to support others. So this is one of the "encouragement"-links I will pass on. So they can see the other mayor (and other politicians) has supported similar projects and it worked out well.

you can also read more here:
and if you wanna join ( really can't remember,you have probably already joined...!) we'd be delighted to have you there!

Anyways, cross your fingers, that those politicians will do what our neighborhood wants them to do - and everybody will be happy, we're trying to get something really good going here in our community!

I'm totally knocked out these days, since I'm doing some very hard physical work on the renovation project here. Only wish it would go faster...

love, SSG

Lisa Allender said...

Selma--Wow, Thank You for your comments. This makes me feel much better, sweetie.
Glad to hear I'm not the only one worrying! :)
Dave Dubya--Well, after 25 years married--I gotta ask: when's YOUR BOOK COMING OUT? Seriously, your wife & you ought to wrte a book on happy marriage.So many people(nearly 60%) are divorced within 2 4, or 7 years(in that order).
I'm taking notes! :)

Sarah Sofia--Nice to hear you're well. Appreciate your input.
Headed over to your musings, Sarah Sofia.
Thank you for updating me! :)

Georg said...

Bonjour Lisa,

To be connected, to share this and that, ideas, politics, ideals, anything do not explain why people love each other nor why they fall out of love one day nor never.

Considering this everyday riddle I think the best way to maintain a spouse (or a friend) or any other relationship is to keep the other astonished. Try to be new as often as possible, avoid routine.

I may be wrong but that's what I think.

Cheers to you, Lisa and maybe you are doing this already and since long.


Mike S said...

My 1st wife & I went 20 yrs before splitting, then, after 35 yrs apart an old childhood friend & I reconnected. Been 17 yrs together last March & 16 of them married as of Jan. When I look at her (she's 57 & I'm 64) she's still the same young teen girl I remember hanging around with my little sister way back when.

We find that the physical appearance is far less important as is that magical connection we once lost, then regained.

Lisa Allender said...

Georg--Hi there! I had a serious relationship with a Frenchman, many years ago, and your comment reminded me of something Olivier said once:
"I like that you keep changing things..."(my haircuts(he preferred shorter hair);plays I acted in(he enjoyed seeing me perform), etc.
I think you're correct, Georg--a bit of "surprise" or mystery, helps the love, to last!

Mike S.--What a magical story you have!
While I'm sorry your first marriage dissolved, it sounds like you were meant to re-connect with your "lost" love! :)