Friday, June 18, 2010


I was thrilled to get to see noted actress and provocateur Ms. Pam Grier at Outwrite Books in Midtown Atlanta, on Wednesday evening.I invited great pal, Diane Davis Weeks to go-with, and we sat with Collin Kelley and his BFF, Tina M.
Owner of Outwrite, Philip Rafshoon was delighted by the crowd, which began assembling quite early.
There was no mistaking her arrival, as spontaneous cheers went up through the crowd.
A hush fell over us, as we awaited her presence; we were mesmerized as Ms. Grier floated up to the mic.
I was already two-thirds into her memoir, "Foxy", so I knew some of the stories she recounted for the benefit of her fans. Stories of heartache and abuse are peppered throughout this great-read, which manages--like the woman herself--to be an homage to hard work, discipline, diligence, and faith. With a big nod to extreme, unbridled sex appeal, too!
Thanks, Pam. I'll treasure the meeting, and the autograph!
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Peace, kids.


an average patriot said...

Glad you met her and enjoyed yourself. Adversity can make you or break you! It is not your experiences it is what you do with them or let them do to you!

Collin Kelley said...

She was fantastic. Glad we got to meet her together.

Lisa Allender said...

Average Patriot--Indeed. Well said, my man! :)
Collin Kelley-- She IS somethin'.
It was so great to hang out a bit at Outwrite Books. Fun! :)