Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Summer of Love

So the summer is flying by.
This past weekend, a quick but sa-weeet visit with Bro-in-law, Arthur, and his lovely bride, and now, mom-to-be, Toni. They are a cute couple, with Toni always up for new adventure(Hansoo & I treated them to a trip to "The High"(museum in Atlanta), and we enjoyed a late lunch at the Tavern at Phipps Plaza on Saturday. Niiiice. Married just under two years, they are now officially pregnant, with a girl.
She's due, wait-for-it......... on my birthday, November 4th!
For late August:I'm working on the cover-art/photography for two different collections of poetry; rewriting/editing a few poems I plan to read at the Decatur Book Festival(on the Java Monkey Stage), and am also working on dialogue for my "The Taste of Shapes", a play.
Readying myself for many visits, for late July:
*"Camp Theya (Greek for 'Aunt')Lisa" with my lovely niece, Breaz, which will include baking(brownies, and an ol'-fashion sour-cream-pound-cake), seeing plays, a book-signing, workouts at a gym, and whatever else Breaz wants to do(reading the hilarious children's book series, "Curious George").
* with my sis, Tina, for "Limelight: One More Night", July 30th!
* with my ol' friend, Sherry(a pal I've not seen in over 18 years!Thank you Sherry, for finding me, via Facebook);she'll also be at "Limelight". :)
*with nieces Rachel and Grace, for their "Camp Theya Lisa", which will include baking(brownies, and a peach-cobbler), seeing plays, hiking, walking our dog, Afton, and learning her "agility" classes with her, reading poetry aloud to each other,home-made masks for skin-care, and planting and growing an herb garden.
In September, more writing/editing on a new one-woman piece, "Grandma Barnes of Brown County". The piece is based on research into the life of the irascible, quirky, talented(she was an actress and wrote poetry), quite lovely Grandma Barnes.
I became interested in her life as I read about my home-state, Indiana.
I later learned that she was---gasp--my own great-great-grandmother!!!
Details, soon. :)


誠紋 said...

祝你人氣百分百 請繼續幫我們加油打氣..................................................................

David H. said...

Lovely post, Lisa!

And what a great find about Grandma Barnes!!!

I wish Stagecoach Mary turned out to be my great-something grandma. :)

Lisa Allender said...

David H.--Hi there!Thank you, David.
Isn't it amazing about Grandma Barnes??
"Stagecoach Mary"? I'm headed to Google for an answer, David.