Monday, September 06, 2010

Life. Getting Better!

Life is good, no...make that GREAT. I am reliving the past few days...callbacks(went swimmingly, thank you! )for that Feature-Length Film, and then Decatur Book Fest(great poetry, and such beloved friends with which to share poetry and good news!)Last night, a phone call from our sa-weeeet niece, Breaz. :)
Later, hugging my in-laws."Omma K" and "Appa K" are dears.They are excited to be moving to this area, and are happy when we (hubby & I) are happy.And "Afton"(our German Shepherd) is great.
A whole HOUSEFUL of HAPPINESS, kids!
Doesn't get any better!
Peace, kids.


an average patriot said...

Glad everything is still going great! With your attitude, personality, and talent, it will get better. Have fun!

Lisa Allender said...

Average Patriot--Thank you.
And thank you for becoming a loyal reader/follower.
And a great blogger, too! :)