Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Unapologetic Self-Promotion

Tonight I'm asking for something I seldom ask for:
I'm asking for your help.
In order to develop (personal) publicity and p-r for the films in which I'm working, I want to develop a larger presence here in the blogosphere, and here at Blogspot.
Could you let your felow blogger pals, folks you've found on here Blogspot, on Blogger, at Blog-Her, and Social Networking sites like Facebook, know about me?
I'm hoping to get more "Followers" here at "Lisa Allender Writes", and at my other blog, "Practice What You Peace".
An auto-link to that second blog can be found on this page under "Poets, Bloggers, and Others".Just look to the right, and scroll down.
If you Facebook, please "Friend" me, using "Lisa Nanette Allender".
Thank you for all your support, these past few years.
I hope I can make you proud of me, and that I can offer help to every one of you, if you should ever need it, very soon!
And now, I'm headed back to memorizing lines, and lifting (heavy!) weights(see my most recent entry here at Lisa Allender Writes)
Peace and Blessings, and Continued Success. :)
Peace, kids.


an average patriot said...

Lisa with absolute pleasure but you are the best! Let me ask you something never mind I just checked.

I network from my site and you should too. There are some handy tips to it but you catch on.

I do not see you with a counter either. I get as little as 100 or so readers to more than 2000 a story and you should be getting more.

You will if you don't already have readers all over the world and know everything about theior activity. Go to the bottom of my page and you will se the counter. It is a good one and you should get it too.

Right below that is sociables, you should add that widget and every time you write network it on Digg, Reddit, stumbleupon, facebook, and twitter.

You are gifted and should have a wider audience and will! Let me know what I can do, Good Luck!

Lisa Allender said...

Average Patriot--Thank you so much! Headed to YOUR site, tomorrow, to play "catch-up" with all this widget-ry/wizard-ry! :D

an average patriot said...

Good Lisa, it's quick and easy then every time you write something it just takes a few seconds to network it at each of those sites. Make sure you are in the right category and regardless you are good and would do well. Let me know if you need a hand or have questions.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

happy to help you become famouser

I'm back on line if you would like to return the favour

Lisa Allender said...

Patriot--Thank you! I may enlist yourhelp with my blog, soon! :)
Pixies--Good to hear, Pixies! I'll be checking with you, soon! ;)

an average patriot said...

I am not too handy with this stuff but whatever I can do is yours just let me know! Hope your gig is going well and I am sure it is!

Lisa Allender said...

Jim, Patriot--
Hi there.
Gig is goin' well.
Will "upgrade"/update my blogs, soon.
My blogs include:
"Lisa Allender Writes"
"Practice What You Peace"
and a blog at "Open Salon" at

an average patriot said...

Bells on my toes! Can't wait to hear the good news, just take your time you have to be very busy.