Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Santa was good to me.

Am writing this using my supa-cool iPad... This is the best, kids!
Yes, I got an iPad for Christmas. Guess I've been a pretty good girl!
More later...for now, check out Ms. Christine Swint's blog, "Balanced On The Edge".
She and her blog, are some kind of beautiful.
Peace, kids.


Christine Swint said...

Thanks, Lisa! You are so generous. Something tells me you totally deserve an iPad! I've heard they are very fun toys. I'll send you a link to a blogging friend and poet/artist who's making wonderful dawings with hers.

Collin Kelley said...


Happy New Year, Lisa! xoxo

an average patriot said...

Great Lisa, you deserve an ipad and a lot more and Hubby isn't the only one that knows it. Hope all is well!

Lisa Allender said...

Christine--Thank you darling!
I'll look forward to it!
Collin--I AM fortunate.
HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, Coll! See you very soon, I hope!
Patriot--Well, gee, thank you.