Thursday, September 22, 2011


*A new post from a guest-editor, David Herrle.
Then,from me:
*A rant, on the injustice suffered by Mr. Troy A. Davis, recently executed by The State of Georgia.
*A recent vacation with my beloved has me rested, and ready to write...and ready to actually SUBMIT some new work, too!
*"Lisa's Second Sundays Featured Author and Open Mic" will begin on October 9th, at 4:00 P.M., at Red Door Playhouse, in Roswell, Georgia, Featuring Poet Amy Pence.The official Film-Trailer for "Unspoken Words" will be seen, too!
*A happy update on "Unspoken Words", the feature-film in which I play Benetha, directed by award-winning filmmaker, Henderson Maddox.Film PREMIERES in Atlanta on 11-11-11.
Hit my FB Wall now, and scroll down to see the Official Posters for the Film!!!
Please be patient with me in updating all this, and....
Peace, kids.


Christine Swint said...

I didn't know you hosted a reading series! I will keep the Red Door Playhouse in mind. It's a lovely spot.

Glad you are rested.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

still checking in on your progress :)

Good to see things going in the right direction

David H. said...

Will the film be released at large soon?

Lisa Allender said...

Christine--For many years, I hosted at Border's Dunwoody, then Barnes & Noble, Norcross, and Humpus-Bumpus, in Cumming.I quit hosting in late 2005.But I'm baaaack!The Red Door Playhouse is a swell venue.I'm very excited about my inaugural event there, in less than two weeks! :D
Pixies--Hi there.Thank you!
David H.--It will Premiere here in Atlanta.Unsure when wider-release will happen.