Friday, November 11, 2011

Gratefulness, Joy, Love.

11-11-11. This configuration is not interesting simply because it is a palindrome, but because today, tah-dah!!!...or rather the long-awaited WORLD PREMIERE of award-winning filmmaker, Henderson Maddox's "Unspoken Words".
I was excited to audition, in August of 2010, and thrilled when I was asked to the call-backs, and was in tears when I learned so quickly that I was indeed a large supporting role that became a principal role: that of the troubled foster-mother, Benetha Evans.
The role was challenging on many, many levels. I keep thinking about my Yia-Yia, the mother of my mom, and a grandma who always believed I could achieve anything I wanted, if I focused on it and grew creatively. I've tried to do that, onstage, in this film, heck, even in life.
Both my parents are here for this, and I'm so incredibly grateful I have them both, here in-the-flesh, healthy, and able to be here to celebrate this film with me.

I've got a lot of catching up here to do, at this blog of mine. But for now, know I'm readying myself for one of the biggest nights (so far!) of my life: the reveal ( I have not seen the movie yet, myself!) of "Unspoken Words".
I have lots of family and friends here, and for those who could not be here, please I know I've felt your love, all through the years, and I will feel it tonight, too.
Updates coming soon on my new poetry series at Red Door Playhouse, the MODA event, a recap and updates on "Graphic Intervention", which was held a few weeks ago in Midtown, my Feature at the Sunday Poetry hosted by Kodac Harrison at Java Monkey Cafe',and a Poetry Seance held at Bound To Be Read Books and hosted by dear Franklin Abbott.
Think of me tonight, as the Red Carpet begins at 6:00, a music and poetry concert at 7:00, and the Screening at 8pm-ish, at the Georgia World Congress Center's Sidney Marcus Auditorium. Tickets are twenty bucks; there are only a few left.
Thank you again for lifting me up, emotionally, psychologically, mentally, artistically, intellectually, and spiritually. I love you.
Peace, kids.

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