Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Good Times with "The Dixie Swim Club". And afterwards.

So, updates on The Dixie Swim Club....and our fabulously supportive audiences! The past few weeks several dear friends, neighbors, and relatives have already seen our show, which closes this coming Sunday. We have a matinee' on Sunday, and on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, we have our evening show. Big big Thank Yous to Crys and Wes Rast, and Faith DuBose, and her pals for coming on Author's Night, and dear friend Aarti Nayar, and friend, who came the following week, and neighbor Kathryn Cueny and several ladies she brought from our 'hood, to the show last Thursday. Neighbors and close pals, Christine and Dale Gray brought Glen and Karen Slattery, and I'm especially thrilled that Glen enjoyed the show, as he is a playwright I deeply admire.( His "Von Who", which received a Staged Reading at Academy Theatre a few years ago, manages to create comedy in the era of the Third Reich, and Hitler! No easy feat, for sure.)
I had penned a column for our "Palisades Newsletter" in our neighborhood, which detailed an interview with our Artistic Director, Mercury, and I think this generated interest in Gypsy Theatre Company's "The Dixie Swim Club", of which I am so happy to be a part!
Others I wish to thank for coming: Kathy Harris and Richard Olson, my dear, departed Sis-in-Law, Toni Harris Kwon's ( may she rest in peace), mom and step-dad. They are always enthusiastic about all our family's endeavors, and they truly are, family. Omma K and Appa K ( my mother-in-law and father-in-law, respectively, attended the same night as the Harris-Olsons. Omma gave me a bundle of pink roses and baby's breath, with a card that read "Congratulations, Lexie" ( my character's name). Next night, Youngsoo and Youngae Kwon and my lovely nieces, Rachel and Grace came to see the play, armed with a lovely nosegay including roses, and daisies.
Sunday's Matinee' had Julie Bloemeke,, a dear friend, a peach of a poet and a sweet young mother, sweet, talented pal, Cleo Creech, and mentor Franklin Abbott, as well as eternal friend, novelist Collin ("Conquering Venus"; "Remain in Light") Kelley in attendance, and I could not be happier they all made it up here to see the show, and to celebrate afterwards, at The Ridge, a huge restaurant which serves kick-ass onion rings, and assorted chops and seafood. The "New Orleans Shrimp-and-Grits" was to die-for: sweet- creamy with mushroom, sun-dried tomato, huge Gulf shrimp and a homemade BBQ sauce, and studded throughout? Andouille sausage, of course! I was eyeing Franklin's Crab Cake, which looked delish. Great wine list, Julie and I both chose a glass of Shiraz. Hansoo joined us and had the"fall-off-the-bone" ribs. He told me we'll be returning, which means alot, because we seldom go out for dinner, so when we do, it has to be really, really good.
Good, good times.
Wish us "Break A Leg", kids.
Peace, kids.

Peace, kids.
I hope if you want to see a "...Comedy with alot of Heart", as I was quoted in The Forsyth County Newspaper, which also featured that quote as the headline in the article on "The Dixie Swim Club", you'll join us.... Come on in, the water's fine!

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sounds like you had a great time anyway - and that's surely the point