Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Guilty of shooting, killing, then running away. Charges pending.

What a shock, they've decided (finally!) to press charges against the ADMITTED SHOOTER/KILLER of an UNarmed black teenager, Trayvon Martin.
As I keep saying on Facebook, and to anyone who'll listen: even if you think this case WAS NOT about race ( but it IS), it becomes about race, immediately following the killing, because I think we all know if this were reversed: an UNarmed white teenager shot and killed by a Black man who is 60 pounds heavier, and armed with a gun, well, at the least, I feel sure police would not "automatically" believe the admitted killer's version of what happened....the admitted killer, if black, would be in jail, and as my Mom added, when we discussed it on the phone, weeks ago, "...he'd be in jail.....if he did not get lynched before getting there."
So here's my prediction: if they're looking for a quick conviction: the authorities will try "Z" for Involuntary Manslaughter; if authorities are willing to "go the distance", I think it will be Second-Degree-Murder. If charges are filed, I surely hope there's a conviction.....
In any case, George Zimmerman, referred to as "Z" here, has run away, and is in hiding, and I noted on my Facebook Wall that although I carry resentment toward this coward, I also...gulp...have empathy for him. I mean, MAYBE he really has some guilt over what happened/what he caused to happen, if so, I certainly do not want him to hurt himself or try to commit suicide or anything like that.
More hurt, more pain, more death, is not a good outcome.
Peace, kids.


Sarah Sofia Granborg said...

Hi Lisa, here are the 2 links: and . We're still doing B&B and the gallery is also open, as a matter of fact we've got two really interesting artist from the Netherlands and Belgium right now, plus Nordic art... buit apart from that we're spending a lot of time on renovation and the garden... so calling before one comes is always a great idea! And that's also why I haven't done anything really with my blogs... just haven't been able to get around to it yet! Hope, life treats you well! Love from Sarah Sofia

Lisa Allender said...

HI Sarah Sofia I sent your B&B info to my friend, Liliya and her husband; hopefully, they'll be in touch with you while they are in Scandinavia.
It sounds as if life is treating YOU, very well indeed! Much Love to you.Let's Private-Message on Facebook. :)