Wednesday, December 05, 2012

A Great Afternoon.

First, Congratulations are in order for Melissa Goodman, and Wilbur Fitzgerald, two remarkable people who are--as of yesterday--elected to the GPP Board. I don't know if Georgia Production Partnership can get any better, as it ALREADY is THE "go-to" organization for information and updates on all. things. lensed. in. Georgia. But with our very own Atlanta SAG-AFTRA folks on the Board, I know GPP can take it to another level. Melissa's in-office enthusiasm and expertise and Wilbur's on-set experience and steady, measured, goal-setting is going to encourage even more film-making here in Georgia. I had the extreme pleasure of seeing Wilbur yesterday at the local intown coffe/wine bar, "Java Vino", and he joined my dear friend, Estelle Ford-Williamson for coffee. I was impressed--as I have been since meeting him, years ago--with his kindness and interest in others, as well as his (many, varied) accomplishments as an actor, and human being! Estelle and I were able to get "caught up" with one another, and I was delighted with the Java-Vino Dark-Chocolate-Caramel-Almond Brownie she surprised me with! The numerous books she's helped others to write, edit, publish, and promote, is too long to list! As if that weren't enough, Estelle is working on a non-fiction book which may very well reshape what it means to emigrate/immigrate. I'm so tickled to have such an amazing, if I may--"Wo-Mentor" in my life. I chatted up Collin Kelley a bit later in the day, as we met at Manuel's and noshed on chicken fingers and fried-cheese appetizers... He has to be the most capable person I know, in terms of marrying his creativity with tremendous organizational skills like time-management, and prioritization. Whew! Any "regular Joe" would get exhausted just SEEING what Collin accomplishes. Again, I'm one lucky little woman to get to have Collin Kelley, in my life. Next year, (2013) will be ten years since he and I met, and nearly twenty, since he lost his Uncle (who passed away in 1994), and my former co-worker, Terry Graves, to the disease known as AIDS. The way in which that connection was revealed to Collin and to me, is remarkable on its own, and worthy of much poetry. I'll flesh that out, soon, in honor of the years, the life, the love. Here's to all those people, all the ones just mentioned, and all those others, who've made my own life, so very, very sweet. Peace, kids. Peace, kids.


Don't Feed The Pixies said...

well i don't know the first thing about the people you name - but i can say categorically that the thing you most need in your life, both work and private, is people who are fun - my current job is no fun anymore as all the people that used to make it fun are long gone

Collin Kelley said...

Thank you for those kind words, Lisa. xoxo

Lisa Nanette Allender said...

Pixies--Hi there...I DO have fun, very productive, lovely people in my life.Folks I get to work alongside, with whom I am also very good friends!
Coll-Coll--You're the best. :)