Thursday, February 27, 2014

Actively Practicing Peace

Practicing gratefulness even when others are rude, show little gratitude, or are just. plain. mean..... Yeah, it's been that kind of (so far) evening..... I think if someone asked me, "What do you want your 'legacy' to be?" I'd answer with the following: "I would want people to remember that I was kind--even when I didn't have to be; that I treated others--humans and non-humans--with respect; that I tried to live in PEACE-- even when others created war around me, even when others wanted to argue over nothing (and seemingly, everything)." I want my legacy to be that I lived a good life--not perfect mind you-- just good. I enjoyed life--I loved, I stood up for what I believed in, I spoke up for those who could not (the downtrodden, what the Bible calls "....the least of these."). Sure, I love writing, and getting published. Discovering what it is I need to say, simply by writing it down. And I adore acting, and getting cast. Finding myself, in the role, especially a role which challenges me to look at the hardest, darkest parts of what it is, to be human...and yet. The most important thing in my life, is to be kind. And one day, to be remembered for that. I hope that speaking up and stating that kindness is important to me, and that I believe I AM kind, does not subtract from this quality. I hope this is not about "ego". How about YOU? What do you want your legacy to be? Peace, kids.

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