Thursday, August 13, 2015


Hi kids! It's nearly mid-August and I have so much I want to say. Sometimes, the words feel as though they are leaping on top of each other, like leap-frogging children, risking getting bruised, they keep piling on, causing dizziness, and exhaustion. Still, I must speak. I am in the midst of many new adventures. I have created a group which will serve to "hear" each others' poems/prose each month, in a private setting, to offer both positive feedback and respectful, serious, critique. I am not detailing much about this group, as I am deliberately keeping the group, at least for now, small, and closed. But after just one session, I know this is a good path to better writing. And "The Demetra Foundation", which I am creating to honor my late Mom--Demetra-- will soon become a reality. I am endeavoring to sign at least five physicians to the Board of Directors. The Board will be responsible for developing an action-plan for raising awareness of Lung Cancer, and pursuing a campaign which will raise funds which will go directly to human research and human trials. Next step will be developing a group of Volunteers, who will be vital to the organization, and will serve in the following areas: public outreach, and working with canine companions for those with Lung Cancer, and ensuring those companion animals be fostered in the event the patient can no longer care for them. In addition to the above endeavors, I am continuing with my so-far-self-designed-fitness-program which I began only weeks ago. Currently, I am running 2-4 miles each day that I run, which is four days per week. I've just added free-weights, 10-pound free weights. Next up? Boxing! That's right. I want to learn to box! Ronda Rousey, this is all. your. fault. And of course, I am leaping back into the wild blue, of acting! I've missed being able to find myself, in a role. Writing and acting, are the only ways I've found to connect, to find me. In writing, I discover what it is I feel; what I need to say. In acting, I find the parts of me, that are lost. They are only found, when preparing to become, and performing as, another entity. Finally, the spiritual side of me is becoming more open. I'm open to possibility. Peace, kids.

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