Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Golden Autumn

New endeavors, coming at me, quickly and relentlessly. But it's all-good. I auditioned for--and got--a lead role in a new Web Series which will debut, next Spring. We will be filming the "trailer" for this series, in November. The filming of the Web Series will be every Saturday and Sunday, in January.
Wish I could say more, but until the trailer is filmed and ready to launch on the Internet, all I can tell you is: I have a lead role; it's set at a college, and it's a "dramedy".
When not memorizing poetry or monologues, I've been organizing two workshops for poet extraordinaire--Cecilia Woloch--which she will be leading, on December 5th and December 6th.
December 5th's is completely full; the December 6th Workshop is nearly full. Both are "Mostly Generative, With Critique". I am very excited about having her back in Atlanta, and I am participating in both of her workshops.
And speaking of poetry, I participated in the inaugural meeting of the newly-formed Atlanta Women's Poetry Collective, last Sunday. The "Fab Four" creators of this group includes Lynn Pederson, Amy Pence, Hilary Rogers King, and Karen Paul Holmes. The meeting in a beautiful private home on the west side of Buckhead, and the group was an eclectic collection of estrogen-fueled humanity. From what was said, it appears our mission is to create more support and love of poetry, and we will accomplish this in myriad ways:
by integrating our poetry with other art forms; by showcasing our poetry at local theatres; by offering Retreats for members; a take-a-poet-to-dinner-series; a partnership with Georgia Poetry Society and/or other organizations which bring poets into the schools;by  mentoring young girls, prisoners, and the elderly.
I'm leading the effort to get poetry launched at local theatres. I think this will be a win-win, for everyone.

 Last night, I attended a showing of "Redemption", which was screened at the Midtown 8 Cinemas in Midtown Atlanta, by the "Let's Make Atlanta NO-KILL" coalition. This organization was created to eliminate the killing of healthy, adoptable animals in Atlanta area shelters.
A great group of folks, who are already making a difference in the lives of animals, and people, all over our great state of Georgia:
Major Dillard Hughes, is Support Section Commander for the Gwinnett County Jail, and his responsibilities include Inmate Services, which runs the Second Chance Dog Program along with Gwinnett Re-entry and Intervention Program (GRIP). The good Major commented that this program is win-win for the previously-condemned dogs, and the weary, need-to-learn-to-care-for-others/learn- new-job-skills-inmates.
Grace Hamlin, Founder and President of W-UNDERDOGS, a grassroots campaign founded as a way to keep the kids of Peoplestown engaged and off the streets through instilling compassion and ethics by rescuing and caring for animals in need.
Erin Meurer, Head Technician and Animal Rescue Coordinator for Fayetteville Animal Hospital in Fayetteville, Georgia. Erin has a special interest in animal behavior and works to rehabilitate rescue dogs to help make their transition into homes successful. After witnessing the need for more rescue work, Erin became involved with Safe Harbor Animal Rescue. Three years later, she helped found
 Hounds in Pounds, Inc., a dog-rescue group.

And finally,  Gypsy Theatre Company, helmed by Mercury (he uses one name only) and his gorgeous wife, Danielle Gustaeveson, is now the Resident Theatre at The Buford Community Center. They perform at the Sylvia Beard Theatre, and are featuring a Jones/Hope/Wooten World Premiere as part of their 2015-2016 Season. Playwrights Jones/Hope/Wooten are the writers who created "The Golden Girls" TV series, and wrote all the scripts.
Here's to golden times, ahead.
Peace, kids.


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