Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Feeling Restored.

Hi kids! So, its been a few months since I last posted. In those months, there have been numerous mass-shootings, domestic terrorism here in the USA, and Jihadi terrorist attacks around the globe, as well as the continued unjustified killings by some law enforcement officers, of unarmed young black men, here at home.
Last Saturday evening, Evan Guilford-Blake invited a group of poets and writers to gather at Atlanta Vintage Books to commemorate the memory of, and raise funds for, Alton Sterling, and Philando Castile, two of the most recent young black lives, snuffed out.
I hadn't visited Atlanta Vintage Books in quite some time, and I was immediately reminded of why I love bookstores, and in particular, this one:
the camaraderie
the intimacy
and of course
the books!
The Reading went well, and I joined Evan and his lovely wife-Roxanna at nearby Vietnamese restaurant, "Com", on Buford Highway, immediately-after the event.
The Pho with shrimp was luscious, and the staff offered us FREE DESSERT which consisted of a heavenly mocha cake, with vanilla ice cream.
The discussion in the restaurant, as well as the event's new contacts who I know will become friends, made Saturday memorable, and joyful, and a welcome respite from all the violence that has plagued the entire world, for far too long.
A tip for those looking to leave violence behind:
discuss books, art, film. Make books, art, film!
More on what we discussed, authors you should know, and other intriguing stuff, soon!
And as always,
Peace, kids.


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