Wednesday, October 04, 2006

This Lisa Allender is Lisa Nanette Allender

An explanation of this title, of my first entry to my Blog.Apparently, there are a couple of Lisa Allenders running around.One is a mom in Indiana(which has led to some confusion, as I was born in Indiana, and have many relatives living there!).
One is a ceramist in UK--which is really odd, because I always wanted to learn to throw pots, and/or blow glass, and apparently, THAT Lisa Allender is the one who gets to do that!Anyhoo, it means saying merely Lisa Allender in my Blog can't be done, because someone else "owns" it, so....I've put my middle name in there...Lisa Nanette Allender...

First day of my Blog.I'll be posting updates on my book, Words From Water: Poems soon...Updates on my one-woman, Show & Tell forthcoming...

What I'll try to cover here are all the experiences in life that excite me. Which is pretty much anything that stimulates the senses, and/or excites the emotions.(That means sex, art, spirituality, politics, well, you get the idea...)
My background is in theatre, but I've been writing poetry for several years.
I am a Progressive politically, and equally Liberal on the subject of religion/spirituality(we have SO much to learn about the MEANING of true spirituality!)...
Which brings me to the NEWS:
Earlier today, in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania, an Amish woman was asked what the rest of the country could do, to help them in their grief(the loss of several young girls at the hands of a guilt-ridden, disturbed gunman).In the midst of her grief(she was the mother of two young sisters who were shot, execution-style),she begged,"Pray for the family of the man who did this. They will need our prayers."
Imagine! Where most of us would feel rage, or contempt(at least initially), this young mother is able to feel compassion, empathy for what HIS family is going through! Now, THAT's the true meaning of walking with Faith....
My own (renewed) journey towards faith began in 2003, and in 2005, I became a charter member of a local Pax Christi chapter....This group is all about "walking the walk of peace".
Find out more about Pax Christi, at:
The organization is International, too!

Other stuff:

Check out a lead news article, from AP today:

British co. launches modern poetry site
Tue Oct 3, 9:22 PM ET
British entertainment company 57 Productions launched a new Web site Tuesday which allows users to download and listen to poetry on their MP3 players and iPods.
The modern poetry site, called iPoems, will be available to the public on Wednesday, 57 Productions spokesman Philip Abraham said.
About 1,000 readings from poetry written in English are available for 95 cents for each audio poem and $1.80 for a video poem. The company offers a free one-month trial membership. After that, subscriptions are $18 a year.
One featured artist is Jean "Binta" Breeze who performs a Caribbean version of Geoffrey Chaucer's "Wife of Bath" tale.
At a London theater, artists, promoters and guests planned to celebrate the launch Tuesday evening, sipping champagne and listening to poets perform.
On the Net:

Wow! I'm happy to hear poetry is becoming even "cooler" and hipper" than it already IS.....NOT because being cool or hip really matters at all, but because it means more people will get to hear more poetry, which means they'll become curious, and read more poetry, which means-- the po-biz-- as pal Collin Kelley
likes to call it, will-- in my opinion-- open up. It already has!

Speaking of opening up, I identify as a bisexual, and would like to refer you to a great, relatively new website:

It features work by the Atlanta GLBTQ community, and accepts submissions from the greater GLBTQ community, too!

Tomorrow, Thursday, October 5th is
The World Can't Wait's
Drive Out The Bush Regime Day....
Protests are planned in over 90 cities across the U.S....
A day to contemplate WHAT we, as Americans can-- and should-- do about the state our government is in.
Note I said, Government...
As Mark Twain said:
"Loyalty To The Country, Always.Loyalty to The Government,When It Deserves It."
At the very least, an investigation and impeachment proceedings should be in place.

That's it for Wednesday...

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