Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Well, it’s been two weeks since my first entry into the world of Blogging….
What am I concerned about today? North Korea and the likelihood that they may develop even more and/or larger nuclear weapons? The rising violent crime rate here in the U.S.?
Whether Jennifer Aniston had a breast-job or not?
No, what concerns me is the absolute lack of attention anyone seems to be paying to the reason we’re being told that the aforementioned "concerns" are what we have to be worried/troubled about…
Yes, North Korea is upsetting--- so are a lot of other countries(including our own U.S. of A.!)--- with policies that are dangerous.
Yes, the violent crime rate is upsetting, but is it any wonder violent crime is up-- everywhere in the U.S.-- for the first time in years, when there is so little value placed on human life, anymore?
I’m talking about the glaring fact of sending young men and women off into a "war" which is no-win for any of us, and was fictitious from the start!
If everywhere you look, there are images of people blowing up others, and "war" is declared "morally good" or "morally necessary", you are on a very easy slide—right into--- "I need this; It’s okay in this case", "This person is not as valuable as me…", etc, etc… you could justify...
Even worse, this Administration appears to "justify" choices by claiming it is "God-inspired" or being done as God would choose.
I think the Evangelicals who hold George W. in such holy high esteem, might want to consider what they are doing: Reducing the message of the Christian Faith to a "Give ‘em Hell"(literally) and consigning the real message of PEACE which Jesus preached giving to "to your enemies", to dust….

The rants over various actors and what surgeries they’ve had done, is sooo ridiculous….I cannot fathom that we live in a society where anyone CARES who had what procedure "done".
But this sort of "information" DOES provide a service—it distracts us---from REAL NEWS, REAL THOUGHTS, and ANY POSSIBILITY of critical thinking….
Certainly, not all "pop culture" is bad. Oprah Winfrey is a force for change, for good. God Bless that woman. But anytime any news outlet spends time on superficial things, it’s less time spent on things we can actually AFFECT….
And, hmmmm, I’ve just mentioned Jennifer Aniston and her breasts. They look fine(really nice!) to me. But the world will not breathe easier, be they real or fake, people.

What’s the ONE thing you would work on changing, if you could? If you’re thinking, well, I’d want world peace. Great. But HOW do you get there?
You change what you actually CAN, right now. You can change YOU. You can start by being more PATIENT, by listening with your HEART. BY not adopting the rhetoric, the hate, the ugliness of radio-talk shows, of narrow-minded people who try to TELL you what to think, what to feel. You can only change YOU. So do it. Do something for PEACE…. Today.
Write a letter to the relative you lost touch with, so long ago.
Make that phone call to an ill friend. Volunteer with the elderly. Listen to them. And hey, while you’re at it. Stop arguing. Listen. Meditate. And Pray. Even if you NEVER pray, just sit quietly, and listen. That sound—silence—that’s the Universe asking you, to pray with it. For it.

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