Friday, December 08, 2006

A dear friend of mine, Collin Kelley, a poet I deeply respect--has thrown out a request--he's tagged me for a I'll get to that, in just a the course of reading Collin Kelley's Blog, I came across Cherryl Floyd-Miller's Blog...
(I've read her illuminating insights in the past, but I was especially delighted by what I read there,recently)
I must say, her feelings about Sundays(I'll give you the link in one second)and how they are Sacred to her--and how she continues to honor their sacred-ness, is a piece of writing that many who call themselves religious and "Christian" should read. She talks about folks asking her to attend church.
Well, people,I oftengo to Mass. I'm sure you're asking WHY?
I like the feeling of being in a formal, austere place.A place with candles, and old women with rosaries, and children with missalettes and old men in suits with kind smiles.I like the lovely rituals of the Roman Catholic Church, even though I strongly disagee with lots of gender-specific rules, and a few other things about which I could complain... ...Other times, I simply stay in my house, and pray for hours, for things like Peace.
I believe a house of worship can be in your OWN house--and Cherryl, I know you'll agree with me--I think it can even be in the house of my body, in the house of my fiancee's eyelids, in the house of my dark hair...
Sundays are still sacred for many of us.And CBS's Sunday Morning--that show you love, Ms. Cherryl? My favorite show, too--- for nearly 25 years.I still dream about Charles Kuralt(the original host of Sunday Morning).

You can get to Cherryl Floyd-Miller's Blog by copy-n-pasting this in your browser:

Now,I better get to work on that Meme Collin challenged several of us writers to....

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